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2nd Seal Broken! Red Horse 🐎 is released! – Terry Bennett

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2nd Seal Broken! Red Horse 🐎 is released!

April 8, 2023
Terry Bennett

Auto Generated Transcript

that’s going to relate to things
in the past a bit
you know what I’m
wanted to be for sure of is do I have
the release of the Lord to release what
I’m about to release
you know but some weeks ago the Lord
began to encounter me and deal with me
in things that that I watched
you know
because of the spiritual nature of some
of the experiences some of one of them
was a dream
so uh but however this morning
the Lord walks into the room there with
at Ralph and Sonya’s house
the living room and
I don’t know what they call them you
guys who are smarter about horses than I
am would know I mean it’s the guy who
takes care of the horses it’s not the
not the jockey but person who takes care
of the horse is and has them under his
power and his control he walked into the
room as that re leading the red horse
thought this shirt would be fitting
I brought it with me I wasn’t sure I
I’ll tell you to tell you going back
several weeks I was alerted
I knew something was coming I knew a
little bit of what it was because of the
the dream the experiences concerning the
red horse the red horse pulling at us he
was in a stall pulling
snorting at me the Lord was standing
over to my left at a distance which I
knew that was he was not ready to
release that horse out of the stall and
so I walked up to the red horse and
rebuked it I said you just can’t wait to
be released to cause more murder can you
you know didn’t have a good attitude
about it either I didn’t
I was thinking is there enough murder
going on in the world
so anyway so this morning the Lord walks
into the room leading the red horse
and uh
talking about
I mean the red horse was completely
under his control he said but once
it would be different so I’m going to
read it so today I saw the Lord enter
the room while leading the Red Horse by
its reins
the red horse was under the control of
the Lord
but he told me that it was an
uncontrollable horse
by any other than himself
and that once released it would be wild
enraged terrifying untameable toward all
red horse looked or stared right at me
in a threatening way
in a menacing way because we’ve met
before so to speak in some of these
and as the Lord led the horse further
out into my vision which is coming from
the hall if you’ve been at Robinson’s
out a little further in out of the hall
I could see the front part of the black
horse right behind it
that which would be the third horse and
I knew the Pale Horse was behind that
one I actually got up walked out there
down the hallway specifically to see it
and smelled the smell of death when I
passed the Pale Horse
which is the the death horse
I also knew
these horses this is you know
language that’s not definable but also
knew they were not longing being
the two of the horses they’re not yet
then I was shown the rider on the red
horse which was a headed hooded
type of being similar to a grim reaper
when he had opened its mouth and his
mouth was open the entire time there was
just fire all in its mouth it never
spoke to me
when the Lord released the red horse
it’d been staring at me never took his
eyes off of me
it charged me with a rider on it
Stood Still
I mean what are you gonna do Ron
that’s the worst thing today huh
so uh as he got real close to me a few
I I spoke right to it and said I’m not
afraid of you
which I’m not
and uh so the horse spoke to me
and said this which is a very needed
discernment what he said
he said you now see me
but soon the whole world will see me and
know me
so I knew from that statement
that even with this release now
what it’s going to stir in the Nations
which is war
all kinds of War
not just world war wars
in Nations within Nations civil unrest
civil I’ve seen this for several years
by the way that’s only part of the
experience but we’ll see different
nations in Europe soon
totally different nations arise that
aren’t there presently
and the disappearing of others
so uh
the Lord told me that the red horse
race run its race
or this race actually he’s talking about
the Book of Revelation all the way to
the finish line or to the end now
so that was the encounter
of the red horse
being released by the Lord I’m not I’m
aware guys it was last year at this time
on the seventh which was a Saturday this
year it’s the eighth is the Saturday a
year ago today
when I was sitting right there Gabriel
appeared right here just I was speaking
and Gabriel I’m sitting on the end
Gabriel walked over stood right there
his finger and forearm came right past
my face pointing towards my Bible that
happened to be open how I don’t know
to Revelation chapter five
and he said you were now in Revelation
5. and so I’ve gotten older so I know to
ask questions if you can without getting
killed I’m surprised I’m not already
dead because I think stupid thoughts and
I do it with regularity
must be an excellent type figure
something sorry
that’s a dirty joke
I’m sorry that’s a pitiful humor but
it’s the best I got
so it was a year ago today it was six
months ago
uh in three days that October the 5th
that the first seal and the wide writer
of the White Horse was released so I’m
just aware
I don’t look at that say I establish a
pattern every six months I don’t believe
that it happens when the Lord wants it
to happen he’s the one in control of all
that’s just so much the case I’m not he
is no one is but him
so the next time that red horse comes
under control it will be at the return
of the Lord
the horse all those horses will run to
the very end and they won’t just one
start one on the end they want all in
they’ll all run none of them end to the
Lord returns
that’s just how that’s going to play out
am I being clear does that sound clear
to everybody so the four horses or the
writer of the Apocalypse they call them
run all the way to the turn the return
of the Lord and he stops them
he’s the horse Handler
he only stops him he ends them right
he’ll be their end
so just want to release that
everybody feel okay
not feeling sick are you
all right
so now let’s look as we go toward the
sword of the Lord
we’re going to look at the Old Testament
tonight and then in the morning
we’re going to get into the New
revelation of Christ in this same
measure that we’re going to look at
tonight is going to look at it in the
two Testaments
but let’s look at the Book of Ezekiel
should be familiar since Josiah was in
The Book of Ezekiel
last night
so we’re going to look
at the Book of Ezekiel tonight
just want you all to know that y’all
missed it
of course I’m talking about the rapture
along with the rest of us
that’s right along with the rest of us
be fun knowing one another in their
because we’re still here

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