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2031 – Zion144


March 4, 2022 10:40 PM


I’m a fellow believer in Christ and would like to share a prophetic word given to me a few weeks ago.

A few weeks ago, I was about to read a prophetic word entitled “In 9 years” or it was going to explain how the world would be in 9 years. I can’t remember clearly now!!!

As I was about to read it, the Holy Spirit stoped me and told me not to read it, as he would tell me how the world would be in 9 years. And so he did! Bellow is the word ….

After researching I realise that revelation 13 and the beast from the book of Daniel would explain this word that speaks of 7 nations rising to power. I pray in Jesus name, we are under his wings and his will be done in us and through us in Jesus name!

Title of word : 2031

in 9 years, nations will no longer exist. They will be territories controlled by the 7 powerful nations of the world. It will be the final plan of colonialism. The 7 richest nations will simply use the territories for their wealth.

The population will be weak, dead or hiding. Though those who hide without my protection will not be able to be kept hidden at all my child. Earth will be a wasteland like satan wants. He wants to reign and his reign is death. People do not understand what it means for me to withdraw my spirit….. if I withdraw my spirit, you may have breath but you don’t have life

Life is connected to my spirit sara. Without my spirit your flesh is dead, even if you breathe. There will disease rampant and lamenting women over their dead children through pestilence and war. There will be barren woman trying to steal other children who will be born. The birth of children will be controlled and few people will be able to carry babies full term. If they do it is because they didn’t take the jab, but if they don’t come to me their children will be taken from them for the children’s sake. I can’t bear the despair of the innocent. My child the strength it takes to restrain myself from obliteration those who harm children is unfamdable… you cannot comprehend! This is why those who offend children, if forgiven must remain humble and dusting their heads with ashes …… I forgive and forget my child ONLY if the individual truly repents and STOPS what he did. If he continues I remember his sins and my wrath upon his head will be swift

Very few people will have means to survive. You will need to barter and know how to make things. You need to live by faith in the next few years. Their agenda 2030 will be fulfilled They will hold their kingdom for a quarter of an hour, which for them, even in human years is a short time…. their cities will be great and full of technology. Only those with the mark and fully transformed in their DNA will be able to abide in these cities.

It will all happen suddenly, war, distress, pestilence, destruction and the troops of the enemy will pillage. Then send their prisoners in the territories to work in camps. Once one enters these camps. They will never come out!Prepare to meet some of your children in spirit. Teach them how to do that. Paul mention that. You must research about that. Iunited in spirit sometimes is more powerful than being face to face. I have great things ahead for them and you. All of you have time to work for me here and James, your husband, will come to me in the most unexpected way. YOU remain in me … YOU seek to change, YOU seek to build and I will use you to bring ALL from your household to me in safety. I love you child. Heed my voice. You don’t BELONG to each other but you BELONG to me.


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