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2022 Jets Dream: Brace Yourself – Dana Coverstone


2022 Jets Dream: Brace Yourself

January 22, 2022
Dana Coverstone



Auto Generated Transcript

hey good afternoon everybody i want to
thank you for joining me i know there’ll
be a few more coming on here in a little
but i want to start by i want to start
by saying a couple of things
um laying some groundwork before i share
the dream that i had and the vision that
i’ve had
you’re going to see the world
connections first of all i want to say i
want to remind people that i do believe
that dreams and visions in today’s world
are an extension of the spiritual gifts
of word of knowledge word of wisdom and
discernment and even in some sense
prophetic word
i never asked for god to give me dreams
i’ve been a dreamer all my life never
expected these things to happen like
they did in the last two years but the
last two years
has been
uh probably one of the heaviest times of
my entire life
uh it has been um
it’s been a burden it’s been a weight
there have been nights i’ve not wanted
to go to sleep there have been nights
that i’ve mornings that i woke up after
having a dream and thought oh my what do
i do with this
i’ve had dreams i’ve shared with nobody
i’ve had dreams i’ve shared with a
select few i’ve had dreams that i’ve
shared with everyone in the world
but i just i just want to remind you
that every time i put a dream out
all of a sudden there’s so there comes
out a whole lot of people who are asking
for money in my name uh there’s a cash
app out there with my name on it i don’t
have a cash app uh there are you know
in the last just year long we have found
hundreds of fake accounts with my name
on people trying to get money and every
time i come out the dream
uh those emails start going out those
things like that so folks just just be
aware i don’t ask for money i never have
i never will those aren’t for me
but i share that i share the dreams that
god has given me because i believe god’s
trying to wake people up i do believe to
this point
that the fist punch in november
of 2020
was the most important aspect of that
dream i believe we i believe we’ve had
an empty white house since november of
i believe we have watched an entire year
of incredible things happen
under another administration i believe
we’ve seen a whole lot of things happen
that are not good for the country and
never will be
i know there’s a lot of hope and faith
and somebody coming back and all this
and all that all i’m doing is sharing
the dreams that i have
that i feel like to share
and so uh
i do because i’m a pastor and i know a
lot of you folks have said hey we woke
up because of the dreams and i’m
gracious for that i’m glad for that i
thank god for that
uh i’m not doing this to have more
notoriety i’m a pastor you find that out
when you watch them pray with me or the
podcast that i do
although i’m thankful for the platform
that god has given me i never asked for
it i never wanted it i never expected it
but i’m going to be a pastor i’m a
those of you that follow and watch and
and i’m gonna do my best to stay in line
with what’s in the word of god
so i do believe the three dragons dream
that i had does have a lot of
implications with russia china and
i believe that russia and china do not
have the best interest for our country
by any means at all and i think most
people recognize that as well
between january 7th and 19th every
single night every single night every
single night i had the same dream until
this past tuesday night when i had the
rest of it
and after i and after that that dream i
got up uh that my fitbit shows i had an
hour and 56 minutes of sleep for the
entire night i got up i was walking and
pacing praying and living room and god
gave me a vision so i believe they’re
kind of tied together
one is going to cover the year one’s
going to cover uh what i believe is
happening right now in europe
so uh but because of the vision that’s
why i’m sharing these things today
the dream that i had i’m calling it the
2022 jet stream a drama began with me
sitting in
in front of my desk so right across from
where i am looking at one of the windows
that you can see behind me okay
and where you see the picture frames i
was looking at there was a calendar
hanging there
and uh the it said 2022 big thick
letters no doubt i knew what it was i
know what it was but 2022. it’s a very
simple calendar no pictures just bold uh
the outline of the dates and the months
so looking out the window sitting in the
chair and i was watching i was watching
a podcast on my computer my desk was
going where i’m sitting in right behind
me at the hutch i had my my computer my
macbook pro and i was watching a podcast
on it from the chair across from me so i
could see outside clear sunny skies
outside no problem at all no issues no
great clouds no storms nothing
and i saw the calendar in january and it
flipped up now this is the first
calendar dream i’ve had in a while so
that definitely caught my attention in
the dream it went january february both
days clear or both flips of the calendar
from january february both were clear
sunny skies
representing those two months
then it flipped up to march and then the
skies turned very gray and i heard not
dark not black just gray you just went
from white to gray
and i heard the distinct sounds of f-16s
flying by the windows
i heard three of them
and i grew up i lived in terre haute for
about 10 years
about 9 years actually and we lived
close to the airport and there was an
air force
runway over there and those f-16s would
take off a couple times a day and go
over our house and so i know that sound
it’s the sound of freedom it’s a great
sound but i would hear those those f-16s
go flying by i heard three of them go
flying by in march
i could not see anything outside except
the gray overcast sky
no action no excitement nothing just
those i heard the i heard those those
three f16s go flying by
then a focus went back on them on the
months april may june july august passed
sun shining during all those months
nothing of concern outside now the
podcast i’m watching i don’t even know
what i was watching i just know i was
sitting on the desk listen to something
and my attention got drawn to the
calendar and the window specifically and
the window is about it’s about
15 feet high there’s two windows so i
can i can look out the window and look
pretty high up in the sky and get a
clear picture you know outside that
but then the calendar slowly i do mean
slowly just slowly kind of flip like
to september
and as it did the paper seemed like it
was a green leaf turning brown like
leaves do in the fall so as the paper
flipped up it was it was green and as it
finally hit the wall and was flat
against the wall and i could see
september 2022 it began to turn brown
like elite it was fading
when it finally stopped moving on that
the sky outside that window became pitch
i could hear wind i could i could hear
random noises and then i heard
and a group of three f-16s flew by the
window headed north now i know where i
sit in my office i know the direction of
things so i know
that when i where they were going they
were headed north and they were like
this they were like one
three you know three of them they they
all went flying by north
all three
in in formation
and right out right in my my window of
view they paused almost like you just
stopped for a second and i could see
that these three
f-16s were wingtip to wingtip wingtip to
wingtip they had flashing red and yellow
lights on top and bottom flashing red
and yellow lights on top and bottom
after the pause they rocketed by at a
great speed and were soon out of sight
and not hurt again
and they were moving like they were on a
mission and it reminded me of
seeing some of the jets over new york on
they had a place to go and they had to
get there fast
so those three jets go flying north
and then after that pause
there was suddenly another three jets
that came by and they stopped in front
of the window i saw they were all in the
same formation one two three wingtip the
they all had the red and yellow lights
on top and the bottom of the jets and
when they came when they when they went
by they were literally almost like
completely um this face i could see the
top i could see the top of the f-16 kind
of where my hand three just three in a
row all going the same direction these
guys were headed south
man they and they were flying they were
flying even faster than the other two
and then they flew off just as fast as
the first jets did you know the ones
heading north but there was that pause
they stopped so i could see them real
quick and then took off
and that sound of those f-16s going at
high speeds once again i heard that
almost every every week i heard that in
terre haute so i know that sound
and at this point i get it from my chair
i walk to the window and i’m looking
and i immediately heard jets i heard i
heard more jets coming but i can’t see
them and the sky is pitch black there i
can’t see anything else out there
then those three jets another three jets
they appeared like over me kind of like
this and then they
i’m seeing that i’m seeing the rear end
the backside of those three jets going
away from me i can see that the i can
see the afterburners on those engines i
can see the fire the flame
and now they just take off then they’re
heading west as fast as they can they
came from the east they drop down in
front of the church window and they just
take off flying
flying crazily fast
i did not see any flashing lights on
this one because they did pause right at
the window but all i could see was the
was the exhaust and the flames coming
off to move them
no flashing lights
and they just sped out
maybe you know my estimation was maybe a
mile or two and then suddenly they just
went straight up and i mean just
straight up and i got to see those three
those three f-16s just in formation all
three wing tipped the wing tip but no
lights flashing and they went straight
and then i heard a sonic boom one sonic
boom not three one sonic boom and they
were gone i mean they were gone
i pressed my face against the glass i’m
looking up i’m looking around i’m trying
to see things there’s nothing outside
but pitch black sky
three had gone north three had gone
south and three had started west and
then went straight up at great speed
and i was standing there looking out the
window very perplexed
when the man that i see in my dreams
just kind of walked over right from the
window and i could see his face it
wasn’t startling it was just part of the
but he pointed up
and he said this he said up is coming
and it is beginning
all that you have braced for
is for now
up is coming
and it is beginning
and all that you have braced for is for
stay braced and ready
eyes on the prize
and be steady in your steps
so i had that dream and i was up i i i
got out of bed
and i was just wide awake and i i and
typically i knew once again i had
everything except the end parts the last
thing i saw since tuesday the seventh or
the the ninth is the the the seventh
through the nineteenth every single time
that dream ended it was those three jets
flying strip and me against the windows
so i knew the dream was over but and i
was i wrote those words down i was
thinking about epis coming what does
that all that mean i began to walk in
pace in the living room
and as i was walking and pacing about 2
15 a.m
man i had i had a vision i stopped i was
stopped in my tracks and i saw a vision
and in that vision i was standing on the
boundary of ukraine and russia
and many years ago i spent some time in
that area and that in the regions i took
some trains down through there so that
boundary is very clear to me
and i saw a large boiling pot right on
that border of ukraine it didn’t take up
the whole border but just right smack
dab in the center of the border point
between russia and and and ukraine and i
saw this huge boiling pot i’m going to
call it a cauldron
and i saw soldiers on both sides of that
cauldron they were tossing up blocks
and bricks and pieces of what looked
like tree limbs in large black bags
and the different sides were not engaged
with each other there was no word going
on nobody had guns or weapons or
missiles or anything they were just they
were just they were just taking stuff
and throwing it up in the pots from both
but then i began to notice that the pot
was growing larger exponentially now it
was about 50 feet high
and then i saw that going north and
south off of that cauldron all that off
of that large pot
it seemed that walls began to move and
the walls began to shape and and filter
down it was almost like
just the one piece was here and another
piece was added another piece another
piece another piece going both north and
and i saw that these walls were going to
be the the same pot the same height as
that boiling pot
and then it was moving north it blocked
ukraine and when it went along the
border of ukraine
latvia and estonia it was like it was
like a wall going up that way right
along the boundaries of the border
of ukraine belarus latvia and estonia
separating them from the russian the
russian province so to speak
the southern moving wall closed off the
southern part of ukraine rush and also
closed off georgia
all the way down to the sea there
the wall stopped at the top and the
bottom and it became taller and it
seemed like it was about 100 feet high
but it was separating the nations from
russia with georgia being the exception
the wall just went straight down in
front to the to the east of georgia and
blocked it off and i was seeing this
like it was a map
and then i watched that wall get blue
cold and appeared as it was suddenly
electrified with a digital signal
and then ice appeared all over that wall
it was a cold wall
and there was still a piece a pulse i
could see like a pulse of electricity
running through that wall from top to
bottom like electricity was running
through it but it was a wall nonetheless
a very very tall large wall it was cold
as ice it was ice covered and had like
almost like a digital signal if you know
when when you’re watching somebody’s
cardiac thing from their heart monitor
and you see the ups and the downs and
the beeps it looked like one of those
things going all along the outside wall
and i was looking at the wall facing
looking at it from the east okay
towards the west
looking from the west to the east i’m
and that sentinel
on the heart monitor it went from
estonia to georgia it was all the way
north to south from where that wall was
now that it started in the middle of
ukraine and russia
and when the night came
you could see that pulse on the western
side because it got darker you could see
that pulse brighter and brighter and
brighter and brighter and brighter it
was like a heart like a heart monitor
there were also lights that were about
500 feet above those walls so that wall
was tall and 500 feet above it were
these huge
huge massive spotlights that shone down
on the wall and you can see on both
sides of the wall very very easily for
probably about a half a mile on each
and there were fixed poles that covered
the top of that wall with light
and they also revealed about 50 feet up
all along that wall there were guard
and there were two guards
each one facing a different way one
facing east and one facing west with
their backs
right up next to one another
and in my spirit i heard the words that
a new cold war is upon us
and that cyber
will be the new
so what i recognize from those dreams i
believe that i believe that march and
september are going to be some hard
months for us
um i believe that march and sept the
march became the dark month september
became the very dark month and the and
all of the f-16s and the military
involvement in something
but then i had this piece
on the boundary of ukraine and russia
and this is an area that i pray for
quite a bit
and look folks i know there’s a lot of
folks out there saying oh nothing in
those dreams has come true and i should
have taken the phone out i’m sorry that
i didn’t didn’t think about that
but i’m gonna
put in a box and drawer maybe we can see
what else happens
and if you’re calling me right now
and you’re watching this you know why i
can’t answer
um i know a lot of folks say oh nothing
in those dreams has come true
i want i want to remind folks
that pharaoh had a dream and in that
the pharaoh saw seven lean cows that
literally ate seven heavy cows
and we know first of all the literal
interpretation of that dream was that
skinny cows can eat heavy cows and that
did not happen the whole point was that
god was trying to warn favor that
there’s gonna be a famine so take the
seven years of good while you can and
store it keep it going keep it because
you’re going to come to seven years of
and so a lot of people interpret dreams
as literal literal i keep getting you
know all those russian and chinese
troops have not been have not been on
our soil yet
all right but boy russia and china sure
has been in the news a whole lot i can
tell you there was a coin shortage i can
tell you i had a dream about it i can
tell you i saw an empty white house i
think you guys understand the concept
there i know there was also a dream i
had about the data dream and things that
were happening around the nation
especially uh with
some of the things that usually happen
may and in november but nonetheless
yes the word was cipher cipher like the
british cipher and where they they would
use uh they would use different symbols
to represent other things
but what i want one i don’t really want
to just get out there today is this
folks look i believe that we are going
to continue to see hardship in this
country i shared this morning that there
were 12 12 incredible signs about why
the food shortages are gonna get worse
and worse and worse
and one of the things i said i asked the
brace yourself
that came from the first dream that was
i believe a word of the lord for us to
brace ourselves and get ready to see
some of the hard times that are coming i
have i encourage you folks to stay
rooted and grounded in the word
i do believe that god is speaking
through more and more people through
dreams and visions and i’m grateful for
that more than you will ever know i also
believe that god is trying to speak to
us and get the church ready for the
difficulties and hardships that are
coming and that we were we are going to
see some international things happen on
our in our country
i believe the white dragon
was america i believe the red dragon was
china i believe the blue dragon was
russia i believe that we that that uh
russia and china are not friends to our
as a at all and yes you’re seeing a
whole lot of folks in the news that are
using that word brace yourself i don’t
have a patent on that please say it
yourself tell people to brace themselves
that’s why god woke us up that’s why god
stirred the hearts of many of you when
the dreams first came out
but i believe we’re about to see some
incredible things happen in europe i
believe we’re about to see a new cold
war begin i don’t think the cold war
actually died
uh you know we’ve had we’ve had some
interesting things happen with russia
talking about uh doing things in cuba uh
and boy you know there was some years
ago there was a situation called the bay
of pigs that many of you may remember
may understand the context of and we we
came we became we came very very close
to a nuclear
a nuclear
situation we’ve talked about inflation
there’s a lot of things in the dreams
that are out there i’m still going back
and looking at the dreams i’ve had and i
think wow these things are these things
are out there so
what’s the point of today i’m not
sharing a dream to scare people i’m just
sharing a dream to say hey folks let’s
stay awake let’s stay ready let’s take
christ like and righteous the world
needs to see people that that are that
are not afraid that are not uh
that are not um
just living a compromised life you know
we’re supposed we’re supposed to be like
jesus that means in our speech and our
attitudes our characteristic our
behaviors the way we view things the
word the things that we say the
attitudes that we have
and so i believe that god’s trying to
wake up the church i believe god is
speaking to the prophets i believe god
is speaking to dreamers and visionary i
believe god is giving some of you i’m
hearing from folks out there they’re
saying pastor i have started having
dreams what do i do with them now i want
to make one other thing clear
i’m not going to share anybody’s dreams
because first of all god did not give me
the dream that’s your dream
god gave gave me the dreams i shared
them and this and that and and i’m going
to continue to do that as i feel led
but if you’ve had a dream find the
platform god wants you to have and speak
it out i know i’ve had people who want
me to share their dreams because they
want to get famous or whatever
let me tell you this there’s no fun
it’s not it’s not a very fun thing
because i know for the next couple days
what my life’s gonna be like every time
i share a dream i know how many people
are gonna say i i got an email from you
said you wanted money for this and money
for that and i say it once again i don’t
i will not send you messages i will not
send you anything you will not get an
email from me unless you’ve sent
something to me personally on your own i
don’t send those out but i can tell you
for the next three days for the next
three days i’m going to get hate mail
i’m going to get all sorts of
interesting things coming my way i’m
going to get stuff in the mailbox i’m
going to have emails that are just i
don’t look at
but i want to warn you
i want to share what i believe god is
sharing with me and sharing with others
what i’m saying does not is not on the
same line in scripture nowhere no way
know how
but i do believe that in the book of
acts chapter 2 when joel spoke those
words 835 years before the time of
christ before the day of pentecost he
was saying in the last days i’ll pour my
spirit out on all flesh
i will
i will pour it out
your sons and your daughters will
prophesy your young men will have
visions and your old men will have
dreams and we are seeing those things
right now
so folks if that’s you continue to share
and speak out what god is showing you
do what god wants you to do
be faithful be obedient
and and pray for those that are having
dreams and pray for those
well when i say georgia i mean georgia
on the map i mean the russian province
so if you live in in russia if you live
in the near that area just south and
south uh east of ukraine is where
georgia is
that’s what we’re talking about but i do
believe we’re going to see a a new cold
i believe that
people there know what’s going on what’s
happening i believe that and i that’s
the line that i saw from latvia estonia
down all the way down to to the east
side of georgia
i think we’re going to see some things
begin to happen there i believe and we
already know there’s been cyber crime in
ukraine folks the headlines the
headlines the headlines the headlines
the headlines are declaring
what god’s word has said and spoken over
the centuries
i believe that
march and september are going to be hard
months for this country
uh i did not see military uh not
military i saw i have 16s i know they’re
in formation uh and i understand that
three f-16s together it’s not an unusual
those in the military those in the air
force you might have some insight into
but all i’m saying is this march was
gray but september was dark it was pitch
black i saw nothing beyond september and
i’m not saying anything about that
i just know that the calendar i saw was
exactly what it was specifically 2022.
there’s no doubt about that just as i
know the dream that i had back in 2019
was for 2020.
and i said earlier that that dream for
2000 when i saw the the fist punch in
november of 2020 i believe that
everything that’s happened in america
was that was the starting point for some
of the things that we’re seeing and
wonder what’s going on and our hats are
happening now so i’m not going to
highlight a whole lot more i’m just
sharing that
putting together some resources uh with
the dreams and trying to get them trying
to get those out later this this spring
but uh i also know there’s a lot of
folks that are that are taking the
dreams changing them up and then putting
them out there i know there’s folks that
are taking their dreams and trying to
sell them
there’s interesting things that are
happening out there folks and those of
you that know me and have followed me
for about the last year and a half
i’m pretty consistent and who and what i
but uh basically here’s the point
get ready stay ready and be ready
there’s a lot that’s happening and
changing in the world right now i do not
think that america is headed for glory
and grandeur and all these great things
i think we’re about to see some hard
times hit the country i know there’s a
lot of people out there with hope and
faith that a former president is coming
back but my faith is not in that my
faith is in the lord
my faith is in is is in what god can do
to our country my faith is in the fact
that god’s waking up people
my faith is in the fact that god is
stirring people’s hearts he’s bringing
them back to a saving knowledge of who
jesus is
and that’s what it’s all about that’s
what the dreams are for and if you’re
having dreams that the dreams the dreams
the dreams that you’re having or not
just to to
to to to to bring things into your life
those things are to be they are to bring
the truth of god’s word the reality to
help you understand what he wants to do
what he wants to say
you need to understand you need to
understand who who we are
and all these things
that need to be done
and uh
just like this
well i guess i am a man of my word imma
deal with it i’m trying to trying to
figure out
sorry about that
but those and even even now i can hear
my phone pinging beside me i’m getting
email after email after email
i’m being caused uh all sorts of things
okay are you can you hear me
sound is gone okay hang on
all right now we should be back i’m
sorry uh as i was saying i got my phone
up here in front of me and i can just
see email after email after email text
message is coming in
you know look
i’m going to trust the lord to do what
he wants to do and i’m going to continue
to speak what i speak pray for those who
come on here and start making comments
like that
once again i’ve taken a lot of risks
i’ve brought a lot of hatred a lot of
anger the last
year and a half has been
in one sense a big pain in the neck
because i’ve
done my best to see what the lord wants
me to say but all right
hey um that’s what i’m sharing today so
i’m sharing the uh the 2022 jet stream
and i believe that the lord’s gonna
gonna speak to us and get us ready
so um just feel it today
i just feel the weight of knowing that
there’s so many people in the church
world that are not ready
they’re not ready they’re not ready
they’re not ready they think they’re
ready but they are not
and you people you’re allowed to
question who i am and what i am
i think there’s enough evidence out
there that god is is using the dreams to
wake people up and also
allowing some of those things to be seen
for the reality that they are but i can
appreciate your prayers as well
and but god continue to work through your
lives all right folks stay faithful to
god stay faithful to god

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