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2 WARNING DREAMS – My Hiding Place



July 20, 2021 5:18 PM
My Hiding Place

July 11/2021

In this dream, my sister had phoned me to tell me that she had a large box of toilet paper and another of paper towel that she wanted to drop off at my place. She kept telling me that she had no need of them, that they were taking up space in her home and she absolutely must come to drop them off. Instead, I kept urging her to keep her supplies, that she was going to have great need of them. As a matter of fact, I added, ‘you should also be buying non-perishable food and water. You don’t have much time left!!’

She kept arguing with me on the phone, but thankfully never showed up to drop anything off.

Interpretation: straight forward. Prepare with basic supplies, food and water. Urgent!

July 20/2021

This morning I woke up from a dream in which I was getting my youngest son ready for the school bus. I looked at the time and I knew it was late. I grabbed his lunch bag and noticed he had leftover food from the previous day, which I couldn’t reconcile because he loves his food and it didn’t make sense to me why he wouldn’t have eaten it. Nevertheless, I quickly grabbed a grape juice box, I folded the small package of unfinished fishy crackers and added 1 other item and shut the bag. I looked over at him, still in his pyjama, and urged him to get ready, or he was going to miss the bus. He was in a state of panic, unsure of what to do. Instead of changing into his clothes he just cried. Meanwhile I could hear the bus coming down the street and stopping just before our home. I could hear the bus driver and the parents saluting each other. I kept urging my son to hurry, to no avail. Then I opened up our sliding door as I wanted to wave to the driver to give us one minute. Instead, I caught the neighbor across the street from us, telling me the bus had left.


I have been warning people to get ready and into God’s Ark
Bus door closing is God’s Ark door closing
My son represented the people I have been warning. When they finally understand how late it really is, they will go into a panic mode and won’t be able to process how to get ready.
Leftover food – godly ‘daily bread’ not consumed. People are ensuring they are physically fed, but are forsaking the most important ‘daily bread’ -their spiritual bread.
Missed Bus – missed opportunity of getting into the Ark

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