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May 1, 2022 3:35 PM
Handmaid of the Most High

2:00 AM May 1, 2022

Vision 1 –

I see a map of the Great Lakes and a city in the center bottom of Lake Michigan. It is near Chicago to the East. I see the entire area covered in smoke. A bomb has been dropped and decimated the area.

Vision 2 received 12:40 PM, May 1, 2022

While praying and asking the Lord if I should post this (since I have already released a warning on two prior occasions), I saw another vision. I am standing in a hotel room in Chicago overlooking Lake Michigan (maybe 12 floors up, not close enough to distinguish people or individual boats). It is sunny and I get the impression it is mid to late morning. I am looking toward my right and I suddenly see smoke rising from the ground which reminds me of newsfeed from that morning in the late summer of 2001.

I am in shock, I can not move. I know immediately what this means. I begin to cry.

(I was greatly moved by this vision and also cried while writing this).

Received 12:58 PM following the completion of writing 2nd Vision –

Children do not despair unless you have not repented. The days of America’s fall has been declared for many years by my true prophets. David Wilkerson, my beloved son released my warnings forty years ago. I have been telling you this day would come. He spoke my truth imploring you to seek me with humility and repentance. Some, not many heeded this warning and remained true to Me.

Others have not, to you I say, the hour you meet Me is very near!

Repent, you lawless and wicked generation. The time of mercy and grace is close to end. My prophets are weary from issuing My many warnings and directives! They have been on their knees crying out for mercy and I have extended it many many many years. I can not allow the wicked hearts of evil men to continue to act as if I do not exist and allow them to harm those who are obedient.

Many years, the crime of this region has been at the forefront of My eyes! I have seen your crimes most heinious and your devise plans to control others to accrue great wealth and power in this city. You believe that you are in control and can act without consequences, YOU ARE WRONG!

Just because you own the politicians, the city employees, the rank and file are your foot soldiers and the police are paid to look the other way. I will not look the other way. I will not dismiss you harm, and evil perpretrations without justice being delivered. You ruin businesses, marriages, women and children. Your control of all despicable acts is not without repercussions!

There is a time for justice. The many lives taken, money procured, the lives you have ruined will require the soul you sold to satan long ago. You will spend your eternity crying out for the release from the consequences of your immorality! There will be no going back!

Your only choice is to repent now! Not at the end, for you are not promised your next breath! You must walk away from wickedness and come to Me and turn from evil! You made your choice to harm, now you must turn from it or reap the consequences.

Do not think sinner, that just because you do not participate in organized crime that you are faultless. No, not by any means, each one who walks in sin (that’s everyone who isn’t a part of my kingdom), is going to answer for their sins whether you consider them small is not the point.

There are no small sins. There is no “white” lie. Sin is sin. You minimize to rationalize. Sin separates you from me. Don’t run to a friend, a therapist or a priest to be forgiven {only I have power to forgive}. I AM the only one who can forgive sin because I do not sin!

I AM sinless, my Son is sinless. He who knew no sin became sin to bring about the opportunity to be cleansed of your sin! To say otherwise, to make Him a man of sin is a heinous injustice to His sacrifice and a devious lie spoken by the fallen angel, Lucifer, the devil, the enemy of your soul. When you agree to such evil, you are responsible for the consequences, which is grave. It is unadulterated evil. It will have consequences – REPENT!

Choice to walk away from your filthy acts (big and small as you define sin, not as I do). Do you cheat on your expense report (lying and stealing)? Do you tell your children that the other parent said something they didn’t (lying, manipulation, trauma inducing) so that you can look better to them? Do you take grapes while you are in the produce section (stealing)? Do you call that ignorant driver a name that is not complimentary (judgmental, accusation)? Did you say you will do something with no intention of following through (lying)? Do you ogle someone, who walks by and think things that are sexually oriented (lust, fornication, adultery)? Do you post OMG to make a point in your social media feed (taking my name in vain)? These may seem like every day {insignifant}actions but they are sin, none the less.

I call you to be Holy as I AM Holy! These are not acts of holiness. Repent. These are breaking my commandments and you are accountable for each and every sin – unless you have repented and turned from them.

Time is short! Eternity is forever! You choose your final destination! Choose life, in me. Choose righteousness! Choose now!

It is my desire that none will enter the Lake of Fire. It was intended for the rebellious angels and their leader, Lucifer. Those who enter it, choose to be rebellious. They can not change their minds once they die! It is forever! Think on this oh sinner. Think long and hard, this is the most important decision you will ever make!


~Handmaid of the Most High~ Psalm 37:30, Acts 2:18-19

Over the last thirty years I have had multiple visions about Chicago being impacted by bombs. I have seen one detonated at one of the airports. I have seen bombs dropped from the sky.

Among the many overall visions of destruction I have received regarding N. America and the world, Chicago experiencing attacks is a more frequent one I see. I do not know if the vision I had today in the early morning was a direct hit on the city (my impression was that the area may be something significant to transportation of goods or people and was actually East of Chicago or the Eastside. I do know that Chicago will be affected and the people of the Great Lakes and Midwest.

I strongly sense that multiple attacks are planned both in and nearby Chicago. I know whatever happens is devastating and most of the people will die as a result.

Business conducted by water including food delivery will end, this will have far reaching consequences for the entire region. Also, I’ve gotten other words (see Sault Ste. Marie link below) that will impact this region as well. Frankly, I can’t remember all those prophecies that referenced this.

Canada will certainly be impacted by these events.

Additional related note to the Word delivered, there are various religions that have taught that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene. This lie has infiltrated the Christian church and those “pretending” that they are follow Christ but preach another gospel (Galatians 1:8) when truly they are practicing Jesuits and Free Masonry, who are based and teaching lies to lead you to hell. Avoid them at all costs! I was reminded of the Dan Brown books and the movies based on them. Even if you don’t believe this lie, repent if you read or watched them or any other sources that promote this! Ask the Father to close the open doors to your spirit as a result of “entertaining” these lies.

Li6nks –
Coming Destruction of the United States of America
Cities Will Be Judged Warning to Sault Ste. Marie in North America – Destruction Comes


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