2 Dreams: People Going In Makeshift Bunkers / MASSIVE Emergency Personnel Responding – Marty Breeden

Marty Breeden

March 7, 2019


I was going to post something else this morning but I had a troubling dream.
I saw 2 different scenes.

I saw people hunkering down preparing from something that was coming.
It had the feel of war. The skies were darkened and the land seemed to be saturated with rain.

I saw people going underground and even in makeshift bunkers.

It was really hard to watch because I saw loved ones hugging and crying saying their “Good-byes”.

Second scene:
I was stuck on an interstate along with what appeared to be THOUSANDS of other people.
We were all told to not exit our vehicles because Emergency Personnel would be responding.

(I do not know if this was a mass shooting, a terror attack or a natural disaster, but I had a sense this is not too far away, I’m praying I’m wrong!)

Being a Police Officer for so many years and seeing many First Responders showing up on a scene, I could NOT BELIEVE how many Police, Rescue Squad, Fire Department and other Emergency personnel were responding to this incident!!

As we were stuck on this interstate the Emergency personnel were responding taking the Emergency Lane and oddly they were traveling in the opposite direction of where we were headed.
This was very strange!

I watched in wonder as it seemed that hundreds and hundreds of local and Federal agencies were responding.
I remember thinking “My God, WHAT has happened that would require such MASSIVE response?”

I awoke…..

(As always, take this before the Lord, pray, intercede. Often tragedies can be avoided when Gods people pray!)

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