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2 Dreams

February 20, 2022 6:54 PM


I have been following your page for several months. I have been coming to the Lord asking if there is anything He would want me to know, that I am available to Him. I have been praying for discernment as told by others. I don’t claim to be a prophet by any means. I have been a Christian since I was a little girl and I love the Lord with all my heart. I wanted to share that I have had two dreams, around a month a part confirming what others have been saying. I would prefer to stay anonymous in my posting.

Dream #1, mid January:

I was pregnant and coming into the hospital to have a c section. I was contracting but they were not painful. I saw my first love in the waiting room and he was speaking to me. ( I am not married to him in real life)  Others needed to deliver as well. I was taken to an open operating room where everyone was watching. I said they need to have surgical wear on, but no one was listening or seemed to care. The doctor was getting ready to start and realized he didn’t have his tools and said he needed to leave to go prepare. END OF DREAM.

Interpretation: We are in the birth pangs. This is what I felt in my dream. I saw my first love, but my true first love is Jesus and it represented that He is here for me during this event. Society is not listening, they are doing  their own thing. The doctor was not prepared and I took this as we all need to prepare for what is coming.

Dream #2, mid February:

I was visiting people in a hospital waiting/triage annex area. There were two patients; male and female. They were sitting up in their beds. They rushed to put their masks on when they saw me. I said, “why are you so afraid? I was a nurse for 15 years but left because I would not take the V*. ” ( This is true in my real life of being a nurse and leaving for that reason). After I told the patients that, I heard a voice in my head during the dream say,  “He will take care of His own.”  I also saw the word “JAY + _____. “engraved into a table in the waiting area.  END OF DREAM.

Interpretation: Everyone around me was sick, but I was unV and not masked and felt absolutely protected. I’m not sure what the Jay + the other word was that I can’t remember.

Please take this to the Lord for discernment.

From a Sister in Christ.


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