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13 Year Old Dreams Of Horrific Famine In The USA, A Terror Attack, A Coming Tsunami And A Disease Transmitted By Flies – Emily

By Emily

13 Year Old Dreams Of Horrific Famine In The USA, A Terror Attack, A Coming Tsunami And A Disease Transmitted By Flies

My 13 year old son has been having intense dreams for about 6-8 weeks. Initially he would just awake in extreme terror and was basically non-verbal. Over time he started to say more during these episodes. This weekend he woke up repeatedly screaming, “He’s trying to kill me“.

When I asked who, his response was, “the one who wants to destroy our hope“ and almost immediately fell back asleep. This morning my sweet son, Max, woke me up around 4:30this morning to tell me he had a very disturbing dream.
Unlike the others, this dream was so very detailed and he asked me to write it down, which I did. I feel a little weird reaching out to you guys to share this but I feel compelled to and don’t know who else to share it with. My Christian friends are caring but still are very much asleep and get almost angry when hearing any sort of prophecy of things to come…and I think Max’s dream is just that.


Max woke me up and stated he had a dream about a famine, people starving to death. He said he was in New York City and there had been a terror attack that has messed up how everyone lived their lives and people could not get food.

He said people were angry and started “tearing things and people apart”.

He said there was a disease that was passed through regular looking house flies. He said these flies started to bite people and then their flesh would start to rot in that area.

He said there were people everywhere who walked around like zombies, out of their minds from the pain of hunger and the irritation and itching on their skin from these fly bites and the skin disease it caused. He said these people would get violent when they saw someone healthy and try to scratch them or bit them so they would catch it and get hurt too.

He also said that he saw people doing math problems together because they were so bored out of their minds they could not stand it and needed something to make them think. (This part for some reason extra stuck out for me in my spirit as a confirmation that what Max was saying was truth)

He said that he walked into a convenience store which was still open but the shelves were empty. He said he saw a sign on the nacho cheese dispenser that said “Sorry we are out of cheese”. He said that people had been so desperate for a time they were even drinking cups of liquid nacho cheese but now even that was gone. He said he left the store and walked up to an apartment in a tall building. He said the apartment had windows facing the new World Trade Center. He said that he did not know the other people but they were all gathered there because they knew a monster wave was coming and they were waiting for it to arrive so they could watch the Trade Center be knocked down and destroyed. (End of dream).

Max has never been to New York City…we live in a small town in Minnesota. I know you are both very busy and probably get tons of emails and messages of this nature, but, if you have a word for me or Max that you feel compelled by the Holy Spirit to share with us we would very much welcome it.

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