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Zombies and Cannibals – Exodus Speaks


Zombies and Cannibals

March 10, 2021 4:01 AM
Exodus Speaks

Hello, I was led to share this now. Here is my video and dream journal notes.


Dream Journal

Dream Journal

Dream 12/17/2020

Auto Generated Transcript

the dream i’m sharing is from
december 17 2020.
i’m just going to read off from my dream
journal exactly as i have it written
people desperate for shelter there were
no animals in the forest
makeshift homes looks like a third world
i was still teaching but the children
were changed soul is cruel some were
i remember i was not teaching by choice
and i remember wanting to leave
but being unable to schools looked like
detention centers or took place in
detention centers
district 242.
the next part of the dream i was in a
where people had been building uh
makeshift homes
and for that i have written trailers and
tiny homes
very close to each other very small
living spaces
looked like shipping containers there
were no cars there were no airplanes
there were no trains transportation was
by bus only
here’s a picture of the two little
houses i saw
in a forest with no trees half were dead
and half were sick
okay to my third page were the zombies
and the cannibals for part of the dream
this was the scary part of the dream
um last part of the dream i saw a young
couple i used to know
from my high school this girl jessica
who i was never friends with by the way
her face was painted like a clown
she was very pregnant her boyfriend
looked like a zombie
he was lost stuck in a trance-like state
his skin was slowly turning gray
slow turn not like in the movies lost
the ability to speak
eat and sleep and i found it very
strange that i had to dream about these
two people because i was never friends
with them i know nothing about them
we were not in the same circles or
anything so i really don’t know why
it was them but i’m just gonna continue
the dream the zombies did not go around
eating brains they literally stood there
and did
nothing they could walk sit
follow but only one directed in the case
of my dream
sean only moved when jessica called him
i could see she was possessed like she
and as i’m saying that there’s something
screaming out here
okay that was creepy um i could see she
was possessed
she was making references to eating her
baby once it was born
um why was she dressed like a circus
all the men were dying off or dead the
all the women were possessed
and then here is where i wrote because
this was my second dream
so part one part one um
the first zombie dream i had the working
zombies that were still
able to work i guess they were part of
the elite the save the
the rich i’m not really sure they were
the dream i had that i just read part
two they were gray so the fathers and
the husbands so i guess there’s
different kinds i’m not
really sure i don’t really have
clarification on that but the strongest
concordance i had with that was five 585
which means release mourning and
groaning in hebrew and then
demonstration proof manifestation in
and then i just wrote praise psalm 9 91
for psalm 91 okay thank you

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