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You’ve Been Warned! – 278pikelk

By 278pikelk

September 24, 2012

You’ve Been Warned!

Though you play a small part in the harvest, you must not prevent My message from getting out. Bring it to the saints and to the lost. Your words are not your words, but Mine. In that, be confident. Your buildings will tumble. People will run in the streets like ants. Waves will crash over your coastlands. Missiles will fall from your skies. Smoke and fire will cover your nation. Life as you’ve known it will stop. Violence will be all that you can see now. Protecting yourself and your family will now be your only job. Safe refuge is the only thing you will be seeking. You will be forced to leave your cities. You will no longer be safe there. No one will take care of you now. You will have no choice but to turn to Me. Black smoke will cover the sun, and the stench of the smoke will fill your noses and burn your eyes. The quaking Earth will shake underneath you. The suffering will be too much to take. You will cry for the One Living God, the Creator to help you. I cannot hear those who are not Mine. I cannot rescue the hearts and souls that are not Mine. Destruction needs to come to your planet now. It will all be made new in time. Run like ants and watch the suffering, those who do not accept your Creator. Run and wail and cry and curse and agonize, looking around at your burnt Earth. Nothing will be salvageable, nothing. You’ve been warned.


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