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YouTube Ban – Walt


YouTube Ban

March 28, 2021 10:03 PM

Good morning, my name is Walt on March 27, 2021 I was given instructions and I have been instructed again to relay another message to “His People” as what was told to me. I was instructed to yet again tell a back story and then relay the message and a few other things.

In early December of 2020, the one that just past the Holy Spirit kept saying to me “Get Off of YouTube” so I did for a day or so, then because of my fleshy desires I went back on. Then yet again I kept hearing it “Get Off of YouTube “and yet again I kept trying to justify within myself why I should be on there. Thru all this God used someone in my life to keep confronting me of being on YouTube, let’s just say it cost me a phone, then finally I heard “My Son What Did I Tell You.” so, I obeyed finally completely, and I was incredibly grateful. Now I will tell you why GOD knows what is best for His Children. 2 words come to my mind Jealous and Correction here are 2 scriptures verses I found when I went looking. Deu 4:24 For the LORD thy God is a consuming fire, even a jealous God, also this verse from The Book Revelation

Rev 3:19 As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent.

While driving to work one morning in January, I am usually praying n talking to The Father And Jesus Christ, The Spirit spoke to me “Read Acts 5:4, It will answer your questions “I had many questions to many different things which I will not go into here but what the Spirit was leading me to was YouTube, about the why answer to Why god did not want me on there. I have seen on this site post from people that were told by God to get off YouTube, but they never gave any answer as to why. So, I am here to explain why, so when I got into work at break n lunch, I read over Acts 5:4 and the whole chapter. Then I kind of knew in my heart what I was being led to repent for. Then later on while welding, The Spirit spoke to me “My son now that you have got off YouTube, I can explain to you, “My son you were Coveting the words of people on YouTube more than My Words, you were starting to get lust in your heart of chasing after things on YouTube. I am to be your only source My voice My Words”. Then I understood and told The Father and Jesus that I was sorry and repented of Going on there. I would not Go back to YouTube for any words that people are saying that they heard from you, you meaning The Father or Jesus or His Spirit. While driving today before finishing this message the Spirit spoke again to me and said “People who go onto YouTube and chase after me by watching videos and think after hearing words from someone that they know me are mistaken. Only by a relationship with me and seeking me, my face, praying, reading my word and Repenting of Sins will know me.”

Today that last message given Sunday March 28th. You see I learned that by going on YouTube and chasing everything on there you get more confused and can even get bitter in your heart if something does not happen or go the way someone said it would. Originally the Spirit had also told me back in January “Another reason is that there is a Lying Spirit on YouTube, bind n rebuke your Phone my Son. “I do not have that phone anymore. The Spirit yesterday also reminded me to mention these things , “Do not eat At McDonald’s any more” he told me that back in January , “ I do not want you drink coffee , or any choc hot drinks no hot choc or lattes , you are only allowed 2 cups of tea a day with no sugar or milk , only small amounts of sweetener, “ Later on after I did this like a week or two I asked God why . The Spirit said” Coffee and drinks like that deaden the Spirit, it deadens your body senses to be fully aware of what I’m trying to convey to you. “Also 2 final things for Spiritual ware fare, I was told when in battle for yourself n others to call upon “The” Battle Captain of The Lord Of Hosts and To use The Sword Of The Lord” Again the main message is stay off of YouTube. As always ask The Father n Jesus Christ our Lord N Savior if the message is true and pertains to what he wants you to do. Thanks n peace and love to everyone!!!!!



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