You’re standing on the edge of time – Katie Troutman

Katie Troutman
September 18,2018

I was just spending time praying and was beginning to read the bible. I have been reading the book of James over and over for the past month so I thought I want to read about you Jesus. I turned to one of the gospels and began to read about the coming of the Son of man and the lesson of the fig tree while I was reading He began talking to me and a poem just started coming forth. I got my paper and pen and wrote what Jesus was saying.

Enter In
You’re standing on the edge of time.
You only know if you are mine.
In the secret place treasure will be found .
Store not on earth but in Heaven it will abound.
Peace, protection, safety and strength.
All come from under my wing.
Look to me and you will not be disappointed.
You will be made to be victorious.
Remain in me, steadfast and true and one day I will come for you!
In the blink of an eye your story on earth will end and I will say
welcome in my friend.
The one I love the one I know,
the one who freely chose to be my friend instead of my foe.
Katie Troutman
September 18,2018

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