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Your Transformation Is Upon You – Terri Hennessy


Your Transformation Is Upon you

December 8, 2021 3:46 PM
Terri Hennessy

Dec 8/21
Daughter please write,

Daughter it is imperative that all who are abiding in My will for your lives, seek Me now for My instruction and direction for each of you. You all have a particular position and role in these last days and your transformation is upon you. Can you feel this intensifying both in the spiritual and in the natural? Many of you are feeling butterfly anxiety within. This is because you all know and understand how close all is about to commence. I long for every one of My Remnant Bride to seek Me wholeheartedly now for I have much to share and reveal. You must quiet yourselves and find My peace so that you can and will hear Me clearly. Rebuke the enemy, repent of your sins and ask Me to quiet all that is going on within you and I will bring you into My perfect peace so that you are able to receive what I have to give, share, and reveal. It is all upon you now My children. Ready yourselves and focus on the Treasure. I AM the Treasure. I AM the Prize. My full and complete outpouring of My spirit over you and over every aspect of your life is about to occur. No more time for distractions, games or anything else that the enemy uses to pull you off course. Recognize his tactics and rebuke them and refocus on only My will in these final moments.

Yours Forever,
Your King and Bridegroom,


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