YOUR TOWERS – Nameless


March 23, 2021 3:23 PM

I’m walking on the treadmill and I hear THUS SAYS THE LORD….march 23rd

“Thus says the Lord, I who gives and takes away. What is done under the sun that I cannot see?

I see the intentions of every mans heart. I have eyes like fire to refine to the hearts and souls of men, nothing is hidden from mine eyes. I see even now in the separation of men hatered and rejection of my sheep.

When they say when did we see you? I shall respond what you did not do to the least of these you did unto me.

White washed tombs of dead empty words shall be thrown into the fire to see what remains of me.

Where oh wicked land did you build your house? A high tower of riches reaching to heaven I hear you say “we shall be as god” I say to you, your towers they shall fall in a day, in one hour you shall be laid to waist for I alone am God and I have heard your hearts cry of great wickedness against my people.

Stand fast those that know my name for I am victorious.

Hide away from my fury, I shall pass over the land and who shall hide his face from me? Remember the days of Pharaoh, the days of Moses for what has been shall be seen again before all men.

Seek not the things of this world they are fading, do not go back to Egypt, do not look back as Lots wife.

Look to me I stand before you in the wilderness places and I call you this day, “come out of her lest you partake in her plages falling.

I am your everything, trust me, do not trust in men, in chariots and horses, they shall deceive you. I am the truth that leads to life, man is the delusion that leads them into the pit of captivity and death.

Come away with me I shall cover you from the great storm of darkness descending and blinding the eyes of men.

I am THE WAY, follow me, I am THE LIGHT, follow me, I AM THE LIFE, follow me into eternal life where my righteousness reigns and the children of men inherit the earth.”

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