Your Redemption Draweth Nigh – 278pikelk

Your Redemption Draweth Nigh – 278pikelk
Published on Sep 2, 2018
My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear. Share these words with My creation whom I love. There is coming a separation, My loves, for I will separate those who are worthy; those who have heard the call of My Holy Spirit to separate themselves from the dark realities of this world and have placed their faith and their savior. There are many who attend your man-made churches and listen to man-made messages. They practice a form of godliness, but they are blind to the perfect truth of who I am. They open their ears to who I am, but their hearts remain closed, and they fail to receive Me. They continue to walk in the ways of your world and do not recognize My mercy, as it is right before them. But, to those who long as I do for Our reconciliation, I will not fail to keep My promise, as many men like to teach that all will be appointed to My wrath. This is a lie, for the wrath they speak of was put upon My body once and for all for the ones who have received Me into their hearts. I know that many have opened their hearts to My truth, but still many more will go through suffering, upon which their eyes will be opened. I speak these words to My scribe, not to bring fear to My creation, but as an encouragement to the those who have not yet begun to seek Me. You will not find Me in a church building or through your media of today, but you will find Me in My word and through prayer. Seek Me in a quiet place, and I will show My heart to you. It is not, My loves, what you can do for Me, but it is the realization of what I have done for you. I wish no harm to come upon My creation, not a one, but there are many that remain asleep and will only awaken from their slumber when the coming events hit home. Call upon My Holy Spirit, and he will show you My truth that has up until now escaped you. Come to Me with open hearts and open minds just as a child, and I will fill you with supernatural knowledge and understanding of Who I am. You see, My children, coming to the point in your understanding in which you know you need a Savior is where you need to be. Coming to the understanding that there is nothing you can do to earn My mercy is the call upon every man’s heart, But, the prideful hearts and the sleeping hearts are as hearts of stone that may only be softened by the things that I lay before them. My heart is for all to find Me, but so few look, and many remain in their slumber. My heart aches for those that sleep and those that will not remain wake when I beg of them to do so, for it is these who will need to be awakened, for the covering of My wing of protection will be afforded to those who know Me, but for those who who are asleep, I cannot offer My protection. It is these I must warn, or they will be subject to My indignation for just a little while, as many will be jolted awake and began to see My face. In this, I find no pleasure. I have placed many messengers in this season to bring My awakening. This was done in My great love and mercy for My creation, but the blindness of pride has been put upon many by the enemy. Men no longer worship wood and stone idols, but they worship themselves. The epitome of this is men believing and teaching that they can follow their own set of standards to make themselves holy unto their Creator. They make their behavior their idol, removing My finished work from the equation. My holiness is My own and can only be achieved in and through Me, not what a mere man can do for Me. Be not troubled, My loves, by coming events, for these are to show the ones who have failed to recognize Me Who I am, for they will see Me as their scepter. They will see Me as the only thing that they can lean on. They will be shown that there is no righteousness to be had apart from Me, and their eyes will be opened to this eternal fact. You are entering a time on your earth such has never been. No suffering will be seen by My own, and these must rest in My promise. I am honorable and just in My ways, and for the hearts that have received Me, I am their shield. Be not afraid, My loves, for your Redemption draweth neigh. You will soar on eagle’s wings, lifted above and never looking back. This is My promise to My faithful and their reward for remaining awake. I love you, My children. Yeshua Ha’Mashiach, Jesus Christ, the Son of your Almighty Creator and only God

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