Your New Reality – Solitary Man

Your New Reality

October 12, 2023 2:32 PM
Solitary Man


Your governments are lost. There is hardly one righteous left among them. Soon all who stand in the way will be removed.

My people are confused. They wonder how can this be? Why does the Lord of heaven and earth not act? Why are these things allowed to take place? Has he forgotten mercy completely? Is there no hope to be found?

These things have been written before the foundation of the world. Some things are ordained that cannot be altered. Other things are yet subject to my people’s response.

Will you now finally accept the punishment that I am bestowing on all men for their transgressions? Can you meekly bow your head and fully submit to my will? Will you now finally say: ‘It is the Lord, let him do as seems good to him’? Or will you continue to harden your heart, reject my ways, and seek to those who think they can yet oppose my will?

If I, the Lord, have decreed destruction upon your land, who can reverse it? If I say the time for me to change my mind is far past, who can countermand it?

In acceptance and trust will you find my peace. My children, I know it is hard for you to lose the blessings that you for so long have taken for granted. Never in my word have I promised an easy path. Yes, my yoke is easy. Compare my yoke upon your life with the yoke that satan had you wear before you came to me. Was there true peace or true joy at that time? Never forget what I have redeemed you from. Has it become too hard to follow me? Where else would you go?

No, remember I have better things in store for you. A reward that will not be taken away. A place reserved for you in my Father’s eternal kingdom. Though you must needs suffer for a little while, remember from where you have come and keep before you what awaits. Yet but a little while and I will return to claim what is my own.

Let me find you wide awake, trusting in my wisdom and my wisdom alone. All around you the darkness will grow thicker and thicker, eventually obscuring all things. Yet he who has learned to trust no man, but only the living God, shall be preserved. The visible church may of fallen down, but my bride shall not be touched. Let my peace truly rest upon and in your heart, and you will find a way to endure all things until your time for departure has come.

Solitary Man

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