Your Museums & Art Galleries Will Be Closed – Only a Grain of Sand

Your Museums & Art Galleries Will Be Closed

July 1, 2020
Only A Grain Of Sand

All the museums and art galleries of your civilization will be shortly closed. Never to re-open again. Your culture of idol worship is over, My People. The elites of the beast system will use these foundations as personal shopping malls to loot them for their own residences. What is not looted will be destroyed. Many of your major cities will be bombed that contain millions of these warehoused objects, slated for destruction. London will sink, NYC fire & water, Paris will burn, Tokyo, volcano & earthquake, Los Angeles & San Francisco water & earthquake, Rome will be sacked again, blood will flow in the streets, fire into the sky, Berlin a wasteland, Vienna trampled.

All your golden baubles will be ground into dust by My Judgments & Wrath. For you have made these artifacts from the past a form of filthy lucre, elevating them to godhead. Vanity of vanities, all is vanity. Millions spent on minuscule objects while the poor starve. Hoarding treasures from the past has led to lies, murder, theft and cold hearts. Covet not these things!

You have already witnessed the beginning of this debacle as they have started to pull down the statues of white men. But they won’t stop there it is all to be defaced, toppled and destroyed! The evil one hates mankind and will try to obliterate all of My Children from the face of this earth. Even those of history will he try to remove from your collective memory. Choose Now God or satan.

The published history in your libraries is all lies. Since the beginning of the 19th century, history has been perverted, re-written by the slaves of satan. You have swallowed all their fabrications. When you come home to Me all the truth will be revealed to you, but the door to history will be closed forever. Eternity is NOW!



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