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Your monetary system hangs by a thread – Sara L

Your monetary system hangs by a thread

Sarah L

Good morning Brother,

I just wanted to share a few words received in prayer. I have such a feeling of urgency to get the messages out but have no platform. I know they are important.

8/11. “Prepare your heart, child. You have a very short time to do so. (I asked the strike?) Very soon.

Your monetary system hangs by a thread. Chaos and anger. Demons manifesting will stop the hearts of the unprepared man.

MY love is around you. MY peace surrounds you. Rest in MY peace, it is everlasting.

Far greater are your rewards in Heaven than what lies ahead on earth.

MY plan is perfect. I control ALL aspects. The enemy thinks they do but I am above it all. I love you.”

8/13. ” Precious one, MY daughter, you are Mine, sealed.

Many things are coming upon your earth. Your home is with ME.

You must be patient and faithful at all times.

The politics and high profile people in the news are a distraction to take the attention away from the calamities that I am allowing at this time.

Stay watchful. I will speak to you all day if you talk to ME. I am always here for MY children, MY light. Protected and LOVED.

Many do not love and talk to ME. I have never known them but MY own, I know MY own.

Do not walk too close to the world, it will draw you in, the enemy knows the last hours at hand.

Rest in MY peace. No one can give you MY peace.

Things mean nothing.

Money is nothing.

At the end all that will remain is how much they loved others and LOVED ME.”

Much love,Sara

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