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Your Judgment Has Been Written! You Are Cursed! – Justin Adkinson


Your Judgment Has Been Written! You Are Cursed!

February 1, 2022
Justin Adkinson
“The sin of Judah(USA) is WRITTEN WITH A PEN OF IRON, AND WITH THE POINT OF A DIAMOND: it is graven upon the table of their heart, and upon the horns of your altars;

Thus saith the Lord; CURSED BE THE MAN THAT TRUSTETH IN MAN, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the Lord.”
‭‭Jeremiah‬ ‭17:1, 5‬ ‭KJV‬‬

The warnings have been clear that watchmen have spoken to your ears and yet you are still in unbelief. I have been shown this verse many times before but today the Holy Spirit has confirmed with me this message I am to share with all who have ears to hear. But it’s not only those who have ears to hear because if your heart is hardened you will not hear or take heed to the warnings coming from watchmen who are standing boldy in the face of evil deception in these last days. The Lord God Almighty is going to destroy this nation within one hour just as his word describes! Many have been shown in dreams and visions of this coming destruction. David Wilkerson, Dumitru Duduman, Henry Gruver, Ken Peterson, and many others who have warned of what is to come to the USA. I personally have been shown and told by God that Russia will destroy this wicked and prideful nation with nuclear weapons. I was shown the huge nuclear mushroom cloud from a nuclear bomb going off here in the Bay Area, and the wall of fire that devours everything in its path is so intense that nothing will survive. I was allowed to feel the heat from the massive blast wave that will kill thousands if not millions in its path instantly. God is speaking to those who have trusted in man who are now cursed. The cursed includes the many who profess his name and yet trust in man to protect them from pestilence. But God can see how your heart has departed from him. Your heart has deceived you. God’s word tells us that our heart is desperately wicked above ALL things and many of you have followed it to your destruction. I must speak what I am given as a watchman today! These are the words I received early during my morning quiet time with the Lord. His long suffering is about to end and he is warning you right now, while time still stands, to REPENT!
Repent! Repent I say to you today! You do not know when your last breath on this earth will be. Many who have trusted in man will perish because you have followed your wicked heart instead of me. I am the only one you should have trusted in these last days. Your hypocrisy and double mindedness will cause your soul to end up burning in hell for all eternity IF you don’t repent NOW before it’s too late. I have used my watchmen long enough to warn your stubbornness and stiff necked heart. You cannot hear the truth anymore and your heart believes the lies from my enemy who is going to steal your soul, kill your body, and destroy you because you have believed him instead of me. My word is clear to those filled with my Spirit. You cannot hear my Spirit any longer because you have chosen to trust in my enemy, and your heart of wickedness has led you to him. Your heart desires this world more than to live a righteous and holy life. You will not have time to repent when sudden destruction comes upon the land. I have warned you and yet you still do not change your ways. My warnings will cease all together and only those who know my voice will hear the trumpet blast to call your soul up to my Son. I will send him to snatch away his bride out of the hand of evil. This world will grow darker with each passing day. Many of you will still follow your heart to your death. I have warned you! Soon you will know the truth of your error for following and trusting in my enemy who wants you in hell with him. I search your heart and can see who has sought me above all others in these last days. You do not know what your last day on earth will look like. I will call home those I will have mercy on but most are not ready and their eternal soul will end up where they would never have thought. This is the end! You do not have time to pursue your lusts of the flesh any longer. Your treasures that you have heaped upon yourself will be burned up. The only treasure you should have stored up would be safe in heaven, but most have not a single treasure in heaven because you desire this world more than me.

I am going to send my destroyer upon this wicked nation and all those who have been changed by my enemy will feel this judgment. I will send fire upon the land and upon the earth. The fire will devour your cities and all flesh will be consumed where you stand. This is your last warning! Repent for the day of my vengeance has come! You will not stand unless your heart has separated itself from this wicked world. Only those who can hear my voice will be caught up to safety. Do not look back like Lot’s wife. You will be burned up with the wicked, or left behind to face my enemy and his mark of eternal damnation and death. The age of grace will abruptly end in a twinkling of an eye. When you are left standing on this earth you so love more than me, your only option will then be to refuse my enemy’s mark, and die for your lukewarm faith in my Son Jesus Christ. This is why I warn you today through my many watchmen.

Today is the day of salvation. Run to me your maker! Repent for choosing to trust in man. Repent for injecting what my enemy has created to change you from being made in my image to something else. Just as it was in the days of Noah so shall it be in the end when I come for my bride. My enemy corrupted those made in my image before the flood, and he has done the same in these final moments before my wrath is poured out upon all the unbelieving and wicked. Repent for allowing your temple to be corrupted and my Spirit will not be able to dwell within you. Many cannot hear my voice anymore since they have chosen to corrupt their temple. They will not listen to this warning or any warning because their heart is no longer mine. Many will die in sudden destruction because they have not fully surrendered to me, and do not have a personal relationship with me any longer. Come back to me now!

I am sending Russia as my destroyer! I have prepared them for this very hour just as my word says. They will come against my covenanted land and people, but they will also be used to remove your prideful and wicked nation from the earth. You have no idea of their weapons to destroy you. I will allow the proud, haughty, high-minded, and wicked to be destroyed. Only those who know me will make it to my holy mountain of safety. My trumpet will call up the dead in Christ first, then those of you who know my voice will hear the call to come up here, and you will meet in the air with your bridegroom for all eternity. Very few will leave when this occurs. Your heart is deceived thinking you are safe because you attend a lukewarm church that promotes the evil from my enemy. Your heart has deceived you into thinking that you can pursue this world, and the lust of your flesh, and still come be with me when you die or when the bride leaves this earth. Many are in hell who thought this same thing. Many who profess my name lived for the pleasures of this world with their wealth to invest in all they desired. I say to you who love this world, REPENT! You do not know when your last breath in this world will be. My enemy will cause his injections to stop your heart and cause sickness to kill all who trusted in him. You are CURSED for trusting in man. TRUST IN ME NOW! REPENT you who are cursed! My judgment is upon you now! The end of all things is at hand!
Jeremiah 17:9-10, 17-18, 23

God’s righteous anger and judgment is coming!! I was given many confirmation scriptures when I asked the Lord to direct me to open my bible. I asked him if he wanted me to release these words today. Here is what he directly gave me by having me open my closed bible right to these verses.
Jeremiah 25:12-14, 16, 27, 29, 30-33, 37-38

A sword will come upon this wicked nation but also upon ALL THE INHABITANTS OF THE EARTH. The Lord will cause a sword to come upon ALL NATIONS! The dead will cover the earth and will not be buried. The land of the USA will be made desolate because God will cause Russia, China, and many other wicked nations to oppress with such fierce anger from the Lord that none will stand. That day is fast approaching! Repent before it’s too late! God will not be mocked. His word is true! His word will last forever. Everything else will be burned up with fire and made desolate. Look up for our redemption draws near! Jesus is coming! Choose to serve him before it’s too late and you are caught in rebellion and cursed for trusting in man. You do not want to end up burning in hell for all eternity where there is no rest. Choose Jesus today! He is waiting with his arms wide open. He loves you!

-Justin Adkinson
A Watchman until I am called home
(I did not give myself this calling as some think. God called me to be a watchman and warn. I must speak what he gives me so that your blood will not be on my hands for ignoring these warnings.)

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