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YOUR INTERNET WILL NOT SAVE YOU!! – Handmaid of the Most High

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June 12, 2021 8:01 PM
Handmaid of the Most High

Today, while doing normal tasks of living, I heard several different warnings from the Lord.  I continued on with my tasks and later, while reading about how the Linux company’s Foundation (see other words on non-profits and not for profits, doing things under the guise of charity in past words I’ve received). He told me this word below is very important for the saints.


The internet will not protect you!  Many of my children are seeking ways and means to place a barrier of protection from the coming struggles in the world and those in charge seek to bring about the one world government, the one foretold in my words to the true prophets and as set out in many passages within my word.  If you are directed by me to store food, clothing, medicine and shelters, and have done as I direct, then in that I am pleased.

I am however very distressed that my people, the ones who believe in my son, who think that their own works, plans and agendas will protect them from any backlash.  They believe by being off the grid or storing up gold, silver and other important resources they will be able to “work the system”, some are even counting on various internet coins to foregone the one world currency.  I call you fools.

Did I not say in my word that the gold and silver will be worthless?  Yet, you think that an account on the internet is going to protect you?  You are certainly and assuredly fools. if you think that you are smarter than your enemy!  I made you from dust and yet, you believe that you are smarter than the one that knew of my “operating system” from the beginning of time!  Only I know how things work and only I, the Great I AM, can protect you from the plans and agendas of the enemy of your soul.

How prideful and arrogant you are to think that you can “mine coins” made of nothing and on a system that can so easily be hacked and block you from ever interacting with it in the future; that this alone will be your saving grace!

I AM the Saving Grace.  I AM always provides.  I AM always on time!

I AM always aware of every single thought, action, plan of every being and creature that exists in the universe.  You are little more than a body made of components that decays further, as every second passes and as you degrade, there is not a thing you can do to reverse the process, that is acceptable to me.  I allow you to manage the delay and I even produce miraculous interventions. when it pleases me and is according to my plan but I will not ever disclose my whole and complete plans to anyone!  Not even to the gurus you follow on the internet or in seminars to “teach” you to manipulate a system that has existed and moved forward in accordance to my plan and purposes even though its purpose is often manipulated for evil.

Did I not scatter the people at the Tower of Babel?  Today, people laugh that those people believed that they could build a tower to reach heaven.

Did I not drown Pharoahs army in the Red Sea?

What about the manna I let fall from the sky every single day for 40 years?  Ever hear that story?  Didn’t I warn Noah to build an ark more than one hundred years before I caused the earth to be covered by a flood?

How about the water that flowed from a boulder, in a desert, when I told Moses to strike it with his rod?

Are you that insecure in your faith?  These people didn’t have access to goods like your present day.  They didn’t have resources to prepare for the forces that came against them.  They had me!

Where is your faith?  Where is your hope?  Do you truly trust in me?  I follow your actions and many of you in your actions demonstrates a failure in belief, that you could trust me for your life.  You may say that you do but your plans and actions demonstrate otherwise.

I have sent my prophets to warn over and over again.  Those, who I have sent, tell you to pray and read your word and trust in me alone!  Yet, you read it and maybe even come into agreement with it and five minutes later, you are back to trusting in yourself and your abilities failing to even consider the one, who made you.

I can’t tell me how offensive this behavior is!  It shows me that though many have matured in years, your spiritual maturity is like a newborn child that engages in receiving milk from the teat, every few hours for its survival.  You must constantly be bombarded with my news and direction with little effect.  You continue along your way, thinking of all the principles to surviving or the thirty steps to be prepared by your favorite prepper and leave faith and spiritual growth in the back seat of your car or attic to gather dust.  Yes, you have your bug out bag with all your stuff and trust that you will even have access to it when the proverbial “sh*t hits the fan”.  It is disgusting!

I will separate those who have real faith and those, who look to faith when all other options have been exhausted.  I will not hear the cries of the faithless.  You have been given ample time to reform your ways.  I have given you a measure of faith and it is up to you to maintain and grow in it.  I have given you all the tools to mature.  Yet, so few of you even take a reflective moment to ponder what I have revealed.  You are remote, isolated and jaded by the world and the programming you have allowed yourself to be exposed to and many of you even actively seek it!  I say, COME OUT OF THE WORLD!

By trusting in these different internet sources of wealth you have displayed your utter dismissal of what I desire for you to learn and operate under.  You have held on to the world with both hands and it will toss you aside in mere seconds, when it decides the time is right to do so!   How will you feel at that moment?

Why won’t you ever learn?   I have given ample warnings.  My prophets even feel frustrated for delivering warnings time and again, when no one seems to even pray over them.

For most, reading this, I know without a shadow of doubt that this message will be sniffed at with contempt and thoroughly dismissed without another thought.  UNTIL.  Until that day that your pockets are empty and you have been banned from ever accessing your shiny non-existent coin balances on a system that taunts you, until those behind this system have seen that you are completely and utterly destroyed and removed from this earth system!

Turn away from your wickedness.  Your pride is your god.  You believe the false doctrines taught in large and small churches alike, from your favorite false prophets that you are gods.  You are not!  The only one who believes you are a god is you!  You have been deceived.  You look in the mirror and never see yourself.

Believe me when I say, that even those few followers that you have that may believe “your truths” will soon spew words of hatred at the deception that you have taught to them and have promoted.  Some may even come knocking and demand an accounting of the frauds, you have perpetrated.  Some will be shocked because you believe your own deception!

I Am will watch it without intervening for you made yourself a god, over making me your true and only God and Lord, the one who created you, the Almighty One.  You will reap what you sow.  That which you choose to follow after, it is the very thing that the enemy will use to destroy you and since I am not your true God, then I must allow it.  Those who live by the sword must also die by it.  Chose life.  Chose me.  Chose to repent now and permanently change your wayward ways.  You have so little time.  The time to ask for forgiveness from me is slipping rapidly away.  You see the signs of the times and yet do not consider that the time of the harvest, will pass you by.  You will have to give an account.  Do not dismiss this, for it is at your own peril!

Trust in me alone.  The author and finisher of the faith for the true ones, the Bride of my only begotten son.  Repent.  Receive the gift of the cross which was won through treacherous pain, betrayal, horror and infamy.  It is the only way to true life.  Will you continue on the path of destruction or choose eternal life with me?  It is YOUR DECISION beloved.  Stop serving your flesh and fear and hand over the concerns of the world to me.  I AM TRUSTWORTHY.

~Handmaid of the Most High~  Acts 2:18 – 19, Psalm 37:30

Please note, the Holy Spirit is not only just speaking about the internet, it is anything that you are placing your trust in above God.  If that is your resources, your shelter, a group of fellow preppers, if someone or something, is the source of trust and not God, then you are going to be disappointed when things do not result in the manner you’ve planned.


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