Your children are being groomed in Evil not good – Barbara Francis

Your children are being groomed in Evil not good

Barbara Francis

My Children I see how the world is attempting to silence those whom I have called and chosen to speak for me at this late time. A thick darkness covers many. They try to hide my shining lights in it. Because they have refused to repent and humble themselves they will try unsuccessfully to ban and suffocate my word and those speaking it. Evil men with evil thoughts and actions will not prevail. It is written that the he devil roams the earth seeking those he may devour. Right now he seeks after the children, YOUR children. Showing them perversion disguised as good. He has infiltrated your schools, churches homes and families. You, PARENTS have allowed this. My Messengers and Prophet’s have been shouting from the rooftops. Their voices falling on deaf ears. Soon the government will regulate every aspect of your it life. Your children are being groomed in Evil not good because YOU are blind and deaf. Many who are prepared to make a stand against this Evil be put to death for standing up for righteousness. War will surprise the unprepared. There will be chaos and mayhem in the nation’s. Satan has been cast down to earth. He is ready to take his post as WORLD LEADER. Do you know him ? He was once, he will be again. . I SEND YOU A SIGN in the sun moon and stars. Repent and return to me. When you see those things written by Daniel the Prophet come to pass, look up your redemption is nigh.

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