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Your Calling – Teri Henessey

Your Calling

A Message For The Bride

August 23, 2021 4:07 PM
Teri Henessey

Aug 23/21 2:40PM

Daughter write My words,

My child your heart is clean before Me. Your worship is pure and clean, as the clearest water that flows from My throne. You are progressing as I knew you would because all I ordain will always come to pass. You are so much stronger than you realize and your strength will show, when all others around you fall in fear, you will stand. My Bride, My true bride will stand, with courage, fearlessness and strength, she will be the brightest light and all who are in darkness, like a moth to a flame, will be attracted and will come to your light. They will see the strength of your countenance, something to behold. They will wonder at your calmness and eagerness to comfort the broken. They will be in awe of your strength and courage when everything is crashing down before their very eyes. All on this journey with Me must travel this road. The road is long, treacherous and full of heartache, pain, tears and anguish but at every corner there is healing to get you down another few miles. It is My grace that gives and builds in you, the strength to rise as My Warrior Brides, My End Time Army as I like to call you. You are all just about ready to progress from My Heavenly Boot Camp into the positions and assignments I have called you to. Know how pleased I AM with the progress you are making My mighty soldiers. I have brought you through the fire and nothing will stop the miraculous wonders ahead for each of you. I love you and I AM always with you, even to carry you in those weary moments when you haven’t the strength to keep going, yet you see I always give you the grace to get up once more, to keep pushing forward, to keep pressing in. My heavenly army, you are about ready to go out and bring home My harvest. This has been your calling since before you were even conceived and as you all look back at your lives, you are all aware and acknowledge the signs that your lives beheld here and there throughout your years. I AM pleased My soldiers, My brave, strong warriors. You will trample the serpent, the lion and the serpent under your heels. You will fight a battle into victory, because the battle was already won for you. You are indeed walking out an already won victory. Hallelujah!!!!

ABBA Father

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