November 12, 2021 8:51 PM
Terri Hennessey 

Hello brothers and sisters, though this word is of a personal nature, I feel led to share as though it’s meant for more than just myself.

Nov 12,2021 6:45 PM

Daughter write My words,

There is nothing more sincere, genuine, and heart-felt than hearing My sweet Bride pour out her ‘all’ to Me. My heart melts to hear you cry out to Me with your truth of life. More than that, I have resolution for all that anguishes your soul. But again, it boils down to trust; being able to resolve in your heart and mind that your Lord, who can do ALL things, has you and every concern, worry, and care and all are being resolved by My hand. You know who I AM and yet you doubt what I can do for you to bring you into the position I have ordained for you. You fear that you will not be able to put forth the effort you believe I need you to have. Daughter, I have never once asked you to put forth any kind of effort that I Myself wasn’t supplying grace for. I know you have no strength, I made it that way, so that you would learn to depend and rely and look only to Me (and not yourself) for the solution to any situation. I made you daughter; just as you are, exactly who you are. There is not one characteristic, trait, quality or otherwise that was not given you by My hand. I formed you, flaws and all. Every tear, heartbreak, pain, brokenness, designed by your Maker, for I truly do know My children better than they could ever know themselves; and I wouldn’t have given these flaws, faults, failures etc. without also having the ability to recreate, redesign and provide you victories. This is who your Father is; a Father who knows how to build you up when everything tears you down. So really the main concern I see here is your faith. Though we’ve been walking together for well over 10+ years, unbelief still has a hold over you. Do you think this is not by design as well? Everything, down to the finest details, has a purpose; and everything the enemy plans, I see ahead of time, and thus can easily make provision and use of. Daughter, please believe Me when I say, I will never leave you; even if you walked away from what I have destined you to be, I would still never leave you. That is one of the main differences between Man and Myself; I AM not a Man that I would do as Man does or has done. I AM your Creator, your Maker, your Father. Your earthly Father left you, but I AM your Heavenly Father and I don’t ever leave My children. They (My children) sometimes leave Me but I AM always there (still there) when they return, ready to pick up right where we left off. Many of My children think My love is conditional because of My laws, My commandments etc., but My love is unconditional, yet with a heart of love and when My children love Me, following My commandments is not a hard thing to do; they rather long to please My heart, just as you do. I ask you My precious child, to hear My words right now…I will never leave you; I will never give up on you; I will never forsake you. We will do this together and you will have victory. Let me repeat Myself, you will have victory. I’ll say it one more time, so you know how serious I AM…You will have victory. I promise you.

Your loving Papa
Who never gives up on any child!
ABBA Father



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