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You will be hated – Lastrumpet08

You will be hated – Lastrumpet08

September 17, 2018

You will be hated because they hated Me first, My beloved children. Do not let that concern you, nor take you off course when others hate you. Bear it all for Me and My Everlasting Kingdom. Your haters will increase in these days. Many choose to be wicked. They love darkness more than Light and that is why their deeds are evil also. They hate truth and love lies but only truth sets free, not lies.

You must be different. Be children of Light and not of darkness. Do not repay evil with evil but with good. Do not hate but love and do not curse but bless. Love is not an option but a Command. Love your enemies and pray for them also.

Those who hate you because of Me and My Everlasting Kingdom are also My enemies. I will repay, vengeance is Mine. I Am Love but I Am also A Consuming Fire to My adversaries because they hate Me also. They are foolish. It is not My Will that anyone perish but that all repent to have Eternal Life. I Am Gracious and Merciful, full of Loving Kindness towards those who repent and turn from their wrongful ways. Those who refuse to repent and to change for good, there will be no mercy without true remorseful repentance for them. They choose for themselves, each one has a free will. I force no one. Each one must seek Life and not death. The wages of sin is death.

Everyone choose for themselves if they want to be obedient or disobedient. All disobedience will be punished. I Judge Fairly and Justly and everyone will give account for their own deeds, good or evil and bear the consequences.

“Everyone will hate you because of Me.” Luke 21:17


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