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you wanted no strong men – Watcher on the wall

you wanted no strong men

November 27, 2020 6:53 AM
Watcher on the wall

Two days ago I had a frustrating discussion with a pastor at a local church and it broke my heart that I could not open his eyes to the reality of the lateness of the hour. It’s troubled me so much. I was shocked at the blindness.

Today I received a picture in my mind of an Elisha type man: a prophet and also a man in battle gear: a warrior.

Then this;

You have rejected my prophets that I sent to warn you. You have gotten rid of the warriors that I gave you to protect and guard your church. Instead you wanted gentlemen that would comfort you and coddle you. Now you have no one daring to warn you. Now you have no mighty warrior. They have been sent away. I will take them to me. They are welcome in my house. I have many prophets and warriors here and I welcome them with open arms. When great trouble comes upon you, those who have coddled you will hide behind you. They will not stand up. They will not fight. They will not speak any truth to lead you forward. You will be unprotected because you wanted no strong men.

From: a Watcher on the wall


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