Warning, Prepare, Word




April 25, 2021 6:47 PM
Amanda White

Word from the Lord 3.24.21 | 8:21 P.M.

You still must prepare, for the time is not over. Rotate your food and supplies so that you have enough supplies and preserves for up to 6 months. This is the waiting period, the prophesied quiet time before the storm finally makes its thunderous presence known on the surface instead of being behind closed doors. Tell my people this is just the beginning of the GREAT STORM! Tell them to prepare for power outages, radical weather changes and patterns, supplies and perishables to fly off the shelf- for the sea cannot part until the storm is running in full motion. You haven’t seen nothing yet. Unleash the beast, they say. They think they’ve won by deceiving everyone and putting clay over all your eyes- but the time has come to heal the blind so they may see the truth. Release, release, release the hounds to track down every fowl creature who stands against me and my word! For Earth is my kingdom, not the devil’s, and I will reign the most high- I do reign the most high. Brace yourself. Be prepared. I am coming daughter, but the storm must come first before my GREAT AWAKENING takes place. They won’t know what hit them! Get out of the big cities while this occurs. A domino effect in the 10-fold will be reigning beside me, as I, Elohim, King of the Most High must cause destruction to EXPOSE, EXPOSE, EXPOSE the truth. Then my people on Earth shall know that I am God.

Daniel 2



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