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You must choose NOW who you will serve the Lord God Almighty or this world Choose wisely my children!!! – Angela Garcia

You must choose NOW who you will serve the Lord God Almighty or this world

Choose wisely my children!!!

March 1, 2022 1:23 AM
Angela Garcia

Rcv’d 2/28 @3am

I woke up to hearing choose now who you will serve 2/28/22 3 am


Daughter write my words I AM the Mighty Living God! The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob! Great is my faithfulness! Awaken Now my children Awaken to the words of the Lord!

I AM El Shaddai your one and only God ♥️ Choose NOW who you will serve the Mighty Living God or this corrupt broken world! Be NOT deceived! There is deception in the Land everywhere you look…social media with the FAKE NEWS, the TV filled with garbage for the brain! Get out of her my people and come to the father at my feet on bended knee. AM I not worthy my children?! I sent my son to be sacrificed for all my children! There is NO COLOR all my love for all my children equal love. Love that you have never experienced or can fathom. My love is beyond this world! Soon your very existence will change. The world as you know it will be unrecognizable to the eyes! Yes, you will experience tribulation but as my word says take heart I have overcome this world! Understand children this world was not meant to be your final destiny! There is more and more than this. More than you can think or imagine. I AM El Shaddai daughter, Great is your faithfulness!

Soon it all changes from above, my ways are not your ways! Tell them my words are meant as a key to the kingdom. Do they want to enter or stay in misery? I AM the only way! How can they not see? And still not seek the Father! Am I not worthy to be the center of their every day? I seek and what do I find? Cold! No love for others or myself! Love one another take care of your brothers and sisters that are lost to this world! Tell them come follow JESUS he is the way to the Father. Soon my children sooner than later it all comes down. I send messages that go unheard they close their eyes and ears but I said judgment to awaken my children! Awaken yes my children! I AM the way, the truth and everlasting Life ♥️

El Shaddai, your bridegroom

Your redeemer

I AM the way!


Joshua 24:15, Acts 3:13

Matthew 16:15-16

Matthew 16:15-16

Lamentations 3:23

Galatians 6:7

Psalm 57:8-10

Rev., 18:4, Isaiah 60:14

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1 Peter 4:17

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