You have more power than you realize – Terri Hennessey

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You have more power than you realize

March 5, 2023 9:00 AM
Terri Hennessey

March 5th, 2023 7:25am

While worshipping and pouring out my heart to the Lord, I asked Him if He had anything He’d like to speak to me. This was His reply…

Daughter of My heart, I always have something I’d like to say to you and to all those who are Mine; to those who sit at My feet and pour out all they are and allow Me to fill them with My peace; with My perfect remedy. For I AM your great healer My child. This is your Father. I AM that I AM. Do you doubt?

My great army of angels have gathered roundabout all those belong to Me; My warriors in this last great era. My moves are abated. My timing is impeccable. My mercy is new and everlasting each and every morning. As the sun peaks above the horizon, the rays that surround the light are My immeasurable mercies to those who are humble. To those who sit in the midst of My fires.

The mind is My masterpiece and though it appears to be your greatest enemy in this season, you shall overcome. Allow your spirit, your heart to speak to your mind, the intentions you know in your heart are from Me. It (your mind), stands at attention with a willingness to be taught anew. Always willing to be molded into something new. Your mind is like a playground, and you can replace every piece of equipment that does not move or work to bring you joy. Remove the slide that only brings you down into darkness; replace it with a swing that brings you higher. Remove the merry-go-round that keeps you going in circles and replace it with a structure that you can climb, and as you stand at the top declare “I am the king of the castle”. This playground of yours can be whatever you choose to make it. The mind is malleable and always willing and able to change. It longs to line up with the heart; to be in alignment with the spirit. Tell it what you long for it to do. Practice it! And the more you practice, like anything, it too will yield. You have more power than you realize. Your spirit/My spirit, we are the real you and the real you has precedence over every other part of you, be-it your mind, your flesh, your carnality, the world and all its surroundings, and the enemy. Take your authority into your hands and raise it like a banner over all of these obstacles, for they have nothing on you but what you allow them to have. Be brave; be certain; be bold. For I AM with you. I AM for you. No one and nothing can or will ever change that; not even your own mind.

Your loving Father,

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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