You have abandoned your first love – Ali Winters

You have abandoned your first love

Wednesday, June 12, 2019
Ali Winters


I seldom remember my dreams so when I do, I take note and seek God for the interpretation. Such is the case regarding the dream – 11 June, 2019.

The Dream:

I was in what appeared to be a hospital room. A man lay in the bed unconscious, unresponsive. Surrounding him were plants and flowers; all were wilting, near death from lack of care and water. As I stood there a woman entered the room. She told me she was his wife, but had remarried. The flowers and plants she told me were from his children. I left the room, found a bathtub, placed all the plants and flowers from his room as well as rooms of a few others and left them to soak. Returning later, I found the water drained from the tub and the flowers still wilted and dying. I wondered if someone had drained the tub or if I had failed to put in the stopper. I woke up.

The Interpretation:

The man was The LORD, the woman His wife, the church. The flowers the plants represented gifts that had once been brought to the Father, now wilted and dying the gifts had been abandoned and ignored. His wife remarried; her rejection of her first love. His children who once had a love for their Father were now distant and detached. My attempt to revive the plants, water represents the cleansing of the sinner by the washing of the water of The Word of God. The tub void of water, the plants unaffected, the effort in vain. (My concern regarding the stopper; I wonder, O LORD; am I doing enough)???

The LORD would say I have been rejected, despised, cast aside for another. Many within ‘My church’ have attempt to revive the gifts, yet many more within ‘the church’ continue to live among the dead and dying. My gifts have been ignored as man continues to live in harmony with the world. You have abandoned your first love, REPENT, return to Me and I will return to you says the LORD. But the callousness of your heart, the wink the nod to sin lingers within the darkness of your heart. You will not soon be healed for your desire is not for Me.

ali at 11:59 AM

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