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YOU DO NOT KNOW ME – Krystal Beall


Krystal Beall

I am so deeply grieved by America. How pained to my core I am that America rejected me. I am filled with tremendous sorrow and coupious tears pour from my eyes. I weep. Consumed by the world are so many. Deception is high. Few are they who walk in my truth. My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. So many do not know me. America, I have been rejected in your nation. You have caused me the most profound suffering and deepest grief. You have robbed me. In my love and mercy I extend my hand to be rejected over and over. You know not what you have done, nor what you continue to do. The world is in emnity with me. The darkness is thick. Few are they who notice. So many of you are filled with the things of this world and are on the broad path that leads to destruction. So few are they who desire to delve into my deeper revelation. So few are they that know the truth of all that has come to pass in America alone. What grief America has caused me and is causing me. SO MANY IN AMERICA PROFESS MY NAME WITH THEIR LIPS YET THEIR HEARTS ARE FAR FROM ME. YOU DO NOT KNOW ME. I weep daily from sorrow. I am set ablaze in my fury. I hear the somber cries of my faithful. I AM moved. Woe be unto this most wicked nation that rejected me, preferring darkness to my light. Woe to you I have said and am saying again. Your destruction surely comes, lo is here. AMERICA REJECTED ME. Many are they who will weep at my revelation of it all. I AM WHO I AM. Fire great fire. Much weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth. I AM not mocked. I was treated disgracefully in America. Vengeance is mine. I will repay. Can you fathom the sorrow of my heart? I desire that all how much I love you and how great my suffering from America alone is. ADULTEROUS NATION FILLED WITH ABOMINATION. You make me bleed America and burn with pain. You too shall weep and burn with pain. GENERATION YOU ARE FAR, SO FAR FALLEN AND REMOVED FROM ME. Chasing after the beast in vain for the beast shall consume thee in full. I AM pained to be delivered. My soul travaileth in my labor of love and justice. Come all you who love me. Come and gather with me. Look upon the one who loves yet is so little loved. I love you. With you I am well pleased. My remnant. I desire to dwell with man and I AM. I will. No more will my heart be pierced. No more will you be afraid. Love. Peace. Joy. Eternal life. I say it again so ye know that the rejection I have received, yet again is a most bitter sorrow of my heart. Fire America. Fire to a nation that rejected and robbed me. Fire of justice, correction. Mercy. My tears of wrath fall. The darkenss, a deep thick darkness has fallen blanketing the masses. Corruption lays hold. Behold I come quickly. I make all things new. I have. Believe.


August 23,2019

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