April 25, 2020
Stephen Hanson
32 But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father.33 Take ye heed, watch and pray: for ye know not when the time is.34 For the Son of Man is as a man taking a far journey, who left his house, and gave authority to his servants, and to every man his work, and commanded the porter to watch.35 Watch ye therefore: for ye know not when the master of the house cometh, at even, or at midnight, or at the cockcrowing, or in the morning:36 Lest coming suddenly he find you sleeping.37 And what I say unto you I say unto all, Watch. Mark 13

“What would be said about these days, says the Lord? What will cause them to come to an end? Who is to blame for them? Oh, you think you have all the answers…You think this present virus and the deaths involved, are all somehow planned as a diabolical scheme. You think it was planned to get rid of mankind; but little do you know that I allow these things to happen. For truly, the end of days is at hand. For with this pandemic, the beginning of those days of the great trial will soon come upon you.

Truly, there are plots being made, but they are not what many of you think. Yes in time, a one-world government will come, but it is not hinged to what is happening right now. Some of you who prophesy and many of you who teach, do so out of political persuasions.

But, I do tell you that this is just the beginning. For you are now being ushered into those very last of days. Those things spoken of in my word concerning the great catastrophes–those things mentioned in my word about famine and plagues, are now just around the corner. But how will you be made ready for them, and how will you be strengthened for the remaining days that are to come?

Tell Me, you who are so sure that you have pin-pointed these things according to your charts. Surely, your great learning and scholarly research, has given you all the information that you need. Are you so certain that your own thoughts and judgments have not clouded your assessments? And yet indeed, it is true that there will be a collective revelation that will be poured out upon my people.

But I tell you that you must turn off your favorite bible teachers. I tell you that you must throw away your charts. For your chronology of events is what hampers you most in your pursuit of the truth. You think you can chart the stars; you think that every event you hear these days is somehow written down according to my prophetic time table. It is arrogant and it is a foolish display of man’s ignorance of my ways.

Have I not said that even the Son does not know the day of all these things? And yet you oh man, think that somehow I have imbued you with such great wisdom and insight, that you can pin-point all these things?

But be ready, I say, for you know not what day the master of the house will require of you. The winds will blow at a great force and the economy will fail. You will never be able to print enough money, and the price of a loaf of bread will be much more than you could imagine. ”

Stephen Hanson


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