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You Are The Sum Total Of All The Generations That Have Lived Before

April, 10 2021

You are all the children of Adam & Eve, you that are still human.
So you are all brothers & sisters: Black, White, Yellow, Blue or Brown.
All equal in My Eyes.
You are the sum total of all generations since Adam & Eve.
So all the good and all the evil, all they created and destroyed is in your blood, in your mind, in your soul, in your spirit.
What was in them, who they were as Adam & Eve, was passed down in the blood of their children for three generations.
And so it goes down through history to the present.
If your ancestors were Godly they passed this on down to their progeny.
If they were evil, addicted, great sinners, unbalanced, this was passed down.
The measure of evil is now full!
The human will is finished!
I AM coming very soon!
If I do not act Now to restore My vineyard and claim My inheritance, you will destroy yourselves and the world which I AM created in love.
Choose now your final destination.
You Came From Me.
You Will Return To Me.
I AM The Only One.
The snake king was never a creator, sustainer; he is a void.
His kingdom is one of death, chaos, hate, murder, Hell: the Lake of Fire.
And Eternal Damnation.
Think Well On Your Final End.
It Is Now!

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