“You are the LIGHT that I have placed in this time for healing” – Godshealer7

Word thru Godshealer7

Daughter speak this message to my jewels… my precious children . These uncertain times are causing you heartache ..I hear your every word I know your every thought. I sit with you in your quiet place . You know a bout My Glorious Kingdom… You shine brightly I have known you since the foundation of time you have been chosen . I direct your path when so many have strayed away and are lost seeking worldly pleasures. My precious jewels these things must come to pass . I see your great love for one another I am so pleased with you. You love and take care of your neighbor as I taught you to do. Your love and peace allows others to see the LIGHT You are the LIGHT that I have placed in this time for healing . You spend your time wisely putting others before you . I love you will be with me in my FATHERS house . The Glorious Kingdom is LOVE .


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