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“You Are The Last Generation” – Nevenka

“You Are The Last Generation”

December 14, 2020 6:47 PM

Vision was a few years back but now I was prompted to share. This year May 2020, I had my first Rapture dream and the Lord told me :” You are the Last generation, you will see Christ coming very soon.” That was at the end of my dream. He said it and I woke up. By September I had 2 more Rapture dreams.


There were 2 angels standing by my side. One on the left and one on the right. I was in between them, they were much bigger than me. We were above the ground, suspended in the air,in Canada. Without anyone telling me anything, I knew that we were keeping and being silent as was the whole Heaven. In a silent mourning over things that will come upon the Earth and multitude of ppl that is about to perish into internal second death as they kept refusing salvation thru Jesus Christ.

I have never felt more sad than – then…It was a deep sorrow for humanity. It was at that moment that I knew exactly what is about to happen and the devastation of cataclysmic catastrophes, more like in detail but afterwards : I only remembered some of the scenes that I saw. Then, it was the time. I flew but alone, I no longer saw angels.

First place I came was my home looking for my daughter. She was very scared and feeling alone. When she saw me, she was hugging me not letting go for a long time.  I spoke with her but I do not remember anything I told her at all.

Next scene, IDK how, but I knew that I was in New York. I was on the roof of one very tall building, then I was nudged to look at the ocean. I saw HUGE,
unbelievably big hand and it was made known to me that it was The Hand of God. God’s judgements are about to begin. Then Hand pulled back itself and splashed the water of the ocean (with such ease as an adult would splash in a bathtub) towards New York. The wave that came out of it was humongous! It was so big that as I looked at the tsunami , I looked back at the city and immediately noticed that the wave is much bigger than the tallest building in NY. (Estimate 200 meters if not more)

Different scene now I am in Cyprus and I was looking at the Mediterranean sea. There is a tsunami coming over here too, but this one seemed that it will cover the whole island. However, just before the tsunami hit, I was talking with a couple ppl telling them to repent and they wouldn’t accept Jesus.

Next scene I was in some city that was not affected by these tsunamis and I was right downtown. It was busy, ppl going around, shopping. I was calling them to repentance and was preaching Jesus. People totally ignored me, no one was interested to hear the Truth. No one believed that this was God’s Judgement of the sinning world and that more are to come. Almost all of the people did not want to hear, listen…none repented but one. That made me sad for I knew that they would perish and go to Hell. Regardless, I kept preaching, being bold and yelling : REPENT, REPENT.

The scene changed again. I was back in Toronto, looking for my daughter. This time the city was in chaos and I saw lava on the street. This lava was just flowing like a little creek , it was inside the earth but the earth was cracked open. Finally, I saw my daughter walking with her boyfriend much ahead of me but they did not see me. Although they were much further away, I could hear him speaking to her but it was not with my physical ears that I was hearing. I was able to hear his mind, spoken
thoughts from a distance. I started to yell: Maria, Maria REPENT! Do not listen to him. It is not the truth that he is telling you. All of this is God’s judgment! He was trying scientifically to explain away to her all of disasters that came upon the whole world. I yelled 3 more times : Repent, repent, repent!

Suddenly I was in my hometown.
A lot of ppl gathered around me, looking at me in amazement, some I even knew. Then, I could see myself! I was transformed, my face was young again and kind of shimmering. Now I knew why all of them were just staring at me with a marvelous look. I was even able to hear the thoughts of the people they had about me.

Vision ended.

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