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You Are the Children of God!

Nov 6, 2019
Holy Spirit Wind
[Jeff Byerly]

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good morning children of yah
Jeff Byerly here again and the Lord has
led me to come to you in the morning
three days in a row now that’s got to be
significant it’s never happened to me
so what is telling me to do right now is
about the comments I just want to thank
all of you for all of your beautiful
loving comments yesterday I read them
all and I’m gonna tell you I was
overwhelmed I really was I I feel loved
and I want to give each and every one of
you a big hug I really wish I could
someday I will someday I will we’re
gonna have all the time that we need
then but right now I don’t have the time
to be replying to every one of you I’m
sorry and I’m so glad that the worst of
the Lord is giving me to give you are
touching you and and making a difference
but I don’t have I just don’t have the
time and my brain was a bowl of jell-o
yesterday because I tried to read
everyone in the comments and like I said
they were just beautiful and I just want
to thank you but for now on I am NOT
gonna read the comments how about that
I’m gonna leave it open but I want you
guys to build each other up in the Lord
in the comment section that is what the
Lord has laid upon me to do
and you are the body of Christ so that’s
what you need to do you know the the
churches right now are a mess and a lot
of you don’t even go to a church and you
have no fellowship so I get it you need
that fellowship so I’m going to leave
the comments open so that you guys can
build each other up
so you guys can encourage one another
and I’m gonna just leave it at that
I would appreciate if there are people
in there causing a ruckus that someone
would email me and tell me and I will
remove them and that’s all I’m gonna do
because I cannot read all you guys
comments I just can’t I’m getting like
four or five 600 comments it’s
impossible I’m only one man I have not
been transformed yet someday I will be
thank you Jesus
can’t wait another thing if you have a
question that you need to be answered by
me I want you to send that to my email
which is in the description box all the
way down to the bottom all right so
that’s the way I’m gonna do it I don’t
want you asking any more questions to me
in the comment section now if I get
hundreds and hundreds of emails I’m
gonna have to do something different but
we’ll see how this works so anyways I
have been the Lord Cement impressing on
me something they’re just really quick
wants me to bring out to you I started
the video out saying that you are the
children of we are children of God I
just want to tell you people that think
you gotta call God Yahuah Yahweh or
yahushua all the time I like to call
yahushua yeshua you know whatever he’s
puttin on my heart to call him at that
time that’s what i call him whatever
comes to my mind he knows who you mean
believe me he’s not stupid
he knows more than you do and you know
what if you just call him god he knows
that too if you call him Lord he knows
that okay I’m not gonna go on with that
he knows every he knows every language
known to man and then some so we’ll just
put it there the Lord gave me these
verses that he wants me to bring out to
you about the being the children of God
and then what he’s doing in us so let’s
go to Romans 8 verses 13 through 15 and
I’m going to read this out of the
expanded Bible because that’s the one
that he led me to so for if you use your
lives to do the wrong things your sinful
selves want which means to live
according to the flesh you will die
spiritually but if you use the spirits
help which means by the spirit stop
doing wrong things you do with your body
you will have true life for all those
who are led by the Spirit of God are the
children of God a lot of versions use
sons of God this one use uses
children of God and that’s why the Lord
had me choose this because there are
daughters of God as well the spirit you
receive does not make you slaves again
to fear and we all know that fear the
only fear that is from God is the fear
of the Lord fear of anything else is not
of God the spirit you receive does not
make you slaves again to fear you did
not receive the spirit of slavery
leading to fear instead you received the
spirit who adopts you as God’s children
through that spirit we cry out Abba
Father and Abba is the Aramaic word for
so Romans eight one of my very favorite
chapters of the whole Bible all right
and then he wanted me to bring out
Philippians 3 starting in verse 12 and
this is Paul speaking alright let’s go
up to verse 11 that I may attain to the
resurrection that will raise me from the
dead not that I have already obtained it
this goal of being christ-like or have
already been made perfect but I actively
press on so that I may take hold of that
perfection for which Christ Jesus took
hold of me and made me his own brothers
and sisters I do not consider that I
have made it on my own yet
one thing I do forgetting what lies
behind and reaching forward to what lies
ahead I press on towards the goal to win
the heavenly prize of the upward call of
God in Christ Jesus all of us who are
mature which means pursuing spiritual
perfection should have this attitude
that’s how you know that you are
actually doing what you’re supposed to
do you are pursuing the upward call that
is in Christ Jesus and in any respect I
have a different attitude that to God
will make it clear to you only let us
stay true to what we have already
attained so don’t go backwards don’t go
backsliding and you know what you’re not
gonna do it on your own he’s got to give
you the power there the Holy Spirit to
do it and this is my wife’s favorite
verse I am convinced and confident of
this very thing that he who has begun a
good work in you will continue to
perfect and complete it until the day of
Christ Jesus which means the time of his
return and that is Philippians 1:6 so
you’re gonna keep on being perfected
until until when see what an incredible
quality of love the father has shown to
us that we would be permitted to be
named and called and counted the
children of God and so we are for this
reason the world does not know us
because it did not know him
loved’ we are and even here and now the
children of God
and it is not yet man clear what we will
be after his coming it’s gonna be
awesome we know that when we he we know
that when he comes and is revealed we
will as his children be like him because
we will see him just as he is in all of
his glory and everyone who has this hope
pants confidently placed in him purifies
himself just as he is pure holy
undefiled and guiltless thank you Jesus
you are the one Lord that makes us holy
as you are holy we cannot do it in and
of ourselves but we press on towards
that heavenly goal
I have to go I love you all remember I’m
not gonna mean comment I’m not gonna be
putting a little heart next to the
comments I can’t do it anymore
but I just want you to know I love you
and if you have questions you know email
me I love you have a great day in the


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