You are not your own – April Denise Stefko

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You are not your own

July 1, 2022, 10:10 AM,
April Denise Stefko



Audio includes vision.

Transcript: “You are not your own. You belong to Me. You were bought at a price, My blood, DNA, perfectly and perfectly given for your soul. The sky will scroll back one day soon enough and some of My people will see Me coming in the clouds. Truth is a person. I AM that person. Do you know Me? Do you know the voice of truth? Christ is risen for you. Agape. Love. Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love. Where is the brotherly love amongst My people? Spirit. Spirit and truth. You are to worship Me in spirit and truth. Yet where is your spirit? And do you even know truth? Profound these things are yet so many have no interest in knowing them, the mystery of the gospel. Where is it to be found? Amongst all the distractions that you fill yourselves with day to day? Holy Spirit flow. How can I when you do not want Me around? You prefer your fiction, your fantasy, distractions from reality, from truth, from life… If death is what you choose then death is what you’ll get. Eternity, is it on your mind? It’s on Mine. Which of you will spend eternity with Me? Do you know? I do. Exactly which ones of you will be set apart with Me for eternity I know. I know how few of you will be with Me. I beckon you and beckon you and beseech you and yet you still do not come, you still do not listen, you still do not heed. Murder and anger and unforgiveness and bitterness… Will you release them from your heart? Will you let go and grip to Me? I AM what matters. I AM your God. Why do you not love Me? After all that I’ve done for you? Yet you look away from Me. Your eyes wander to and fro, from this lover to that, idol after idol. Where is your heart? For it is not with Me. How I long for communion with you but you would not. You would not have Me as your God, as your lover. Intimacy is what I designed you for… Yet you make love to everyone else but Me. How My heart longs for you, My bride. Broken is My heart. Broken is My heart. I weep at your loss. Branches that do not bear fruit will be cut off and thrown into the fire. (John 15:2, Matthew 7:19) Fruit only comes from My Holy Spirit, from being grafted in. You are to submit to Me, not the other way around. I am the king. I am God. I am perfect. I am love. You are to fit into My kingdom. You are to fit and abide in Me, not the other way around. Many try to use Me. Many use My name on their lips to promote their own agendas in this life, in this world but I will not be used. I will not be mocked cheaply for your own advertising. You will submit to Me or you will not enter the kingdom of heaven. I am the head, you are the body. I am the husband, and you will either be My bride and present yourself clean, without blemishes on your garments… You will honor Me or you will not; the choice is yours but choose wisely. My name carries power and life yet so many throw it around cheaply on their lips, coming off of their lips for self-promotion. I am disgusted at how you dishonor Me as if I don’t know, as if I’m not God, as if I don’t see it, as if I don’t hear it. How dare you… How dare you cheapen the name of the living God. Purchase your oil and your garments from Me now before its too late. Time is ticking. Time is running out. Boom. In the blink of an eye before you know it things will change and it will be too late. Come to Me now. Seek Me now. Find Me now. Because My wrath will come.”

~ April Denise Stefko

Photos courtesy Depositphotos

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