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You are not prepared

Dec 20, 2019
Melissa Hall

I received this message last night from the Lord. I have received other messages before but this time there was much more seriousness in His voice. The messages that others had received yesterday give confirmation about this message as they are related in topic and some of the subject matter. Please, as with all messages take this before the Lord and ask Him to show you His truth and give revelation of these things to you.

Received by Melissa Hall
December 19, 2019


It’s time. It’s time for My children to stop worrying about when I will come and start being serious about WHAT IS TO COME.

You are not prepared. You are not prepared mentally. You are not prepared spiritually. You think that you will just lie in safety under Me. Yes, this is true. But I also expect you to do the work in preparing.

Daughter, Many are in folly. They have no idea what is getting ready to step onto their planet. They have no idea what is being plotted and planned behind closed doors. It is soon to be revealed. There is not much time. Many have been busy Christmas shopping when they should be reading My word. Getting to know Me. Finding out who I really Am?

(FOLLY: lack of good sense; foolishness)

How can you know My voice if you don’t know I am the One who is calling? I say “seek”. Seek Me with everything you have. Seek Me as if your life depended on it, because soon it will.

There is a time that is coming where the government will not be on your side. They will be hiding and worrying about their own safety.

(I was receiving much opposition in receiving this message and kept getting blocked. So I said’ Lord, I’m having a hard time hearing your voice. )

The Lord replied, “Daughter, I need My children to understand what is coming. I need them to understand the seriousness of My words.
Grave danger is coming My children! Things you would never expect!
Things that you wouldn’t believe! But you will. For soon they will walk the earth. Yes, giants. Beings of old. Things of unimaginable terror. Things that have been dreamed up in their labs. Deep, deep underground creatures lay. They are in a deep sleep, but are soon to awake. They will cause fright. They will cause terror in the minds who behold them.

Yes, I am here. Yes, I will protect you. But are you prepared?

Are you prepared when all goes dark? And My light in My chosen ones is the only light you’ll see? What will you do then? When it is not safe to even open your own front door. Will you listen to Me then? Then will you obey?

I say this out of love. And deep concern for My little ones. I had promised to warn My children of the things to come. Am I a man that I should lie? I sent My messengers. I sent My watchmen. Many did not listen. Many do not care. I warn because I love you. I warn because I care. But I cannot protect you if you dont take heed.

(HEED: pay attention to; take notice of)

Your foolishness and thinking you know more will lead you right into the enemies hands. As he lies there waiting, as an animal hunting its prey. Silently he creeps. Silently he works. Watching and weaving. As his plan for you unfolds. You wander unaware as the traps set for you ensnare.

(ENSNARE: catch. As in a trap)

The more you try to struggle, the tighter its grip gets. He thinks that you are his. He calls you for his own. His lies have led you to deceit and blinded you from the truth. Your think that you are fine. Why should you worry? Why should you even care? Others live in foolishness and all they talk about is fear. But there is a time a coming when you wish you had listened. You try to remember of what it is you heard. For now it is the truth.

You will wish you had listened. You will cry “ Oh, why didn’t I take heed? I thought it all as foolishness. But now you see it as truth. I wasted so much time. And now its all as naught. All that I have built for myself has somehow turned to dust.”

“All those years. All the work that I had done. Why didn’t I store my treasures up in heaven instead of here on earth? I didn’t know. Everything seemed fine. How did it fall apart so fast? They (pastors) didn’t tell me. I wasn’t prepared. I should have listened. Oh, why didn’t
I listen?”

You will cry. You will show remorse. All those years that you had wasted instead of following Me. I will hear you. I will hear your cry for help. But it will be even harder. As your refining and your training will be in the worst of circumstances.

But I will still be with you. You will not fight this battle alone. Now I need you to pay attention. Now I need you to listen.

How will you listen to My voice as your heart is racing from the fear?

I will still protect you. I have My chosen ones. They were hidden for a time, but then their light will shine. For they were working and preparing while you were hard at play. You are like the foolish virgins that just could not stay awake. As others that kept watching as they knew time was drawing near. For their Saviors soon return was coming and they needed to be ready at all times.

Done be that foolish virgin. I am calling you today. There is no more time to waste on foolish and trivial things.

(TRIVIAL: of little value or importance)

Come to Me. Let Me teach you. For you have much to learn. But when that time comes you’ll be ready and not left standing in the dark.

I am coming My Loves. Be prepared. Use your time wisely. For soon it will be no more. I am calling you to Arms. Because soon we’ll be at war. Stay ready and keep your sharpened sword.

I am calling you to attention. I am calling you to get in line.Will you march with Me? Or will you fall behind?

Time draws nigh. The time is now to make your choice. The time is now to pick your side. Don’t wait and make it too late. Because then you will stay behind. As I come for My Bride to swoop her up from the enemies clutches. For I have claimed her as Mine.

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