Nov 8, 2019, 10:09 PM
Collins Ouma

I received this word while in prayer and fasting while in one of prayer caves in Western Busia between 7th to 9th November as per the photos attached as i went to seek the Lord for renewal and strength after a heavy spiritual battle and confrontation of satanic and demobic entities in Pemba Island which was very successful.

Behold My son tell My sons and daughters that they should not get weary and get faint from waiting eagerly for Me for in due time their redemption hour is fast approaching.

For those who shall endure to the end shall be saved.Let My people ask Me for the Spirit of endurance and forbearance and I will grant them this request.

Do not turn away from Me oh My sons and daughters for many now are turning out to divination,mysticism,magic,witchcraft and all forms of quick fixes from the enemy in an answer to their continual problems and challenges of life.I see it all.Stick to My word and stay focused in Me and I will fulfil every word and promises I made to you. Remember I have My reasons why I delay sometimes,so learn to trust Me.I know whats best for My sons and daughters. The world cannot understand My ways.Only My people can.Only you can.Let not your heart faint for I am here with you.My Spirit is upon upon and My son Jesus is in you . When you feel faint I will carry you and lead you;only you just have to say it

Do not worry or let your heart troubled because of the increasing wickedness you see upon the face of the earth for My word must be fulfilled.In a little while you see no more wickedness. You will search for the wicked and you shall not find him.For he will have been taken out.

Stand still and see My salvation in the battle that you are facing in the trying moments surrounding your soul.Be strong and courageous knowing that your Saviour and Lord is Him who fights for you and goes before you to give you victory.

I love you My sons and daughters. Continue to persevere the rejection,hatred,insults and persecutions that you are facing for in due season you shall reap your reward and a crown of glory shall be placed upon your head.

I love you all with an everlasting love and forever love.

Br Collins Ouma

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