You Are Not Alone – 278pikelk

You Are Not Alone – 278pikelk
Published on Jul 17, 2018

My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear. You are not alone in your struggling, My love. Many of My children struggle. The longing to be reconciled with your Creator is a longing that reaches through all creation. It is not a bad thing to long for Me, My children. I stand before the mountain that you face, right by your sides. Whatever it is you are facing, I will never leave or forsake you. My heart breaks for those who do not know Me and for those who do know Me but choose to walk away from My peace, for I offer a peace that passes all understanding for those who will continually seek My face. Soon, My children, My love will engulf you, but now you must believe in what you cannot see and find comfort in the promise of My blessed hope. My plan, which will unfold over the far reaches of your earth, is a perfect and unchangeable plan. Every man will stand before Me and choose with his heart whom he will serve for eternity; every man and every heart. This I promise you, My children. I took upon My sinless body the sins of all mankind from the beginning to the end of your earth. Many men cause My children to doubt this and place upon them the curse that I have already broken. Do not lend an ear to those that put you under the yoke of condemnation, My children, for condemnation comes from the accuser, himself. Mankind is a fallen creation, and My simple plan of salvation can and will sustain itself. Let no man deceive you, My children, for My death on the cross was the prefect sacrifice given to all men that will receive Me. It is offered to the lowest of the low, tyrants, murderers, liars and adulterers included. No man is excluded from receiving Me unless he excludes himself in unbelief. Those that have received Me have been made as white as snow, for My perfect and holy blood has cleansed them. The journey for those that have received Me will be different for every one, but their outcomes will be the same. I have gone to prepare a place for you, My loves, and you must be certain in faith that this is My truth. Ask for My Holy Spirit to give you strength to endure all things that come against you in this world. The Holy Spirit is in overwhelming supply for all who ask for Him. I am a God of promises, and this I promise to you, My children. Receive My Holy Spirit and all of My promises for you become manifest. The hearts and minds of men were not meant to live apart from Me. This fallen world is not your home, and the only rest that you will find here will be in Me alone. I am a patient Creator, and I want none to perish. I wish to wrangle in that last lost sheep. I am also a God of judgement, and evil will certainly be judged. Allow every thought, word and deed of your physical bodies to be held captive by My Holy Spirit, so that everything you think and speak and act upon in according to My will. Allow Me to perfectly circumcise your heart so that it will become just like Mine. You must allow Me to crush the pride of your flesh for the circumcision of your heart to take place, for you walk in flesh bodies, and every heart is in need of redemption. You can not redeem yourselves, My children, and the realization of this is the first step. Humble your hearts and receive My perfect circumcision. The calamities that I bring upon your earth are not allowed to bring shame or punishment for My own, but they are only allowed to wake up those that are asleep. Some recognize the times, as they are described perfectly in My word, but others believe this to be a time like any other time. I assure you that the words of My prophets will be fulfilled so that many hearts will be softened and become open to receive Me. I make no mistakes, My children, and My judgments are fair and impartial. There is no way to My Father but through Me. I am the Narrow Gate, and all that have not entered will be made to see firsthand the error in their missteps. Many will be brought to their knees when they realize that their own pride led them away from Me and into the wide gate of the enemy. Repent and turn away from the wide gate and turn to Me, My children. I stand waiting for you with open arms. There is not one man that this offer is not extended to. There is not one man righteous by his own workings, and it is only My righteousness that makes one holy and acceptable in My eyes. Pray for hearts of stone to be softened in order to receive Me, My children, for upon your earth there are many hearts of stone. Justification can only come for those that enter Me, the Narrow Gate. I am The Reconciliation of this fallen creation to Myself. Do not reject Me, My children, for in doing so, you will leave yourself open to the fiery trials that are coming upon this earth. Receive My pure and simple gospel, for I am the only way to salvation. I am the only way to redemption. Receive Me now knowing that I laid My life down for the sin of this world, and your salvation comes by receiving Me and believing Me. Man in his pride will try to convince you that you have to do more than believe to receive My salvation. This is a lie from the enemy, for what could any man do to enter My rest other than to receive Me. Do not be fooled by this deception of the enemy that is rampant this day. Any man who believes that he can do anything to add to My complete and finished work on the cross is he, himself, deceived. It is by My Father’s mercy that I have made the way for man to be reconciled to his Creator, and for a man to believe that he can rely on any part of his own righteousness is a pure deception, for the only righteousness received by a man comes from Me. Those who believe this lie will be surprised, for when I come to gather My children unto Myself, they will stand perplexed and left wanting, for they fortified themselves with hearts of stone that were impenetrable by My truth. You see, My children, the pride of men will lead to their downfall, for they do not recognize the Narrow Gate and have chosen to believe that they have already passed through. In these last days, the darkest of hearts of stone will be softened and filled with My light. They will humble themselves and know that I am the I AM, and it will be My great pleasure to become their Shepherd, but there will be plenty that rely on their works, and they will not drink from My cup that is set before them at My wedding supper. They will drink from the cup of My Father that will be poured out upon this earth. I long for all of My creation to receive Me, and soon, every knee will bow and see My truth. I am the I AM, the Creator of all things. My ways are perfect, and My intentions are pure and just. Study My word, My children. Receive My supernatural wisdom. Receive My supernatural knowledge. Receive My supernatural Holy Spirit, and look no further toward the deceptions of this world. I love you, My Children. Yeshua Ha’Mashiach

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