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You Are My Light of the World

(This is a letter from Jesus, for those who do his will)

October 31, 2023 10:38 AM

You are all children of the most high. When you follow me, we have a close bond, a nearness that can’t be broken. You emanate my light in this darkened world. You represent my goodness, righteousness and love while on Earth to be a path for others to emulate. No matter where you are or what activities you participate in, you are there to represent me and the Salvation that is available through me. You become that light which no longer is in the flesh but a beacon that cannot be hidden. You represent all that is good, wholesome, and right in the world, for you have become like I Am in so many ways.
Continue to do what is needed in this darkened world. Only the very few represent the light. I thank you for your service to the most high, I appreciate that you follow my steps closely. Be of that light always and I Am will be with you.

I know those who wish to give their heart to me. For you follow me closely and take your prompting from the life I led on Earth. You read my words and emulate my character and have love for others. I know I can count on you to be the light that so many need to see and experience. For that light is loving and embraces those around you. You are the torch that leads the way for others. Continue to do what you were always meant to do, for I Am with you as you traverse the terrain on Earth. Love each other and spread the wealth of your knowledge of me and my kingdom and make disciples of all you meet.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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