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You are My child, My love and My hope – Margaret Blake

You are My child, My love and My hope

August 29, 2021 3:04 PM
Margaret Blake

The following conversation with Lord took place today Sunday August 29, 2021.

Today while sitting quietly I heard the Lord speak in my spirit… “You are My child, My love and My hope.”

I looked at those words spoken in my spirit and wondered about them and enquired of the Lord… “How am I Your hope Lord?

The Lord answered me…
“All My children have My love and My hope within them. You are all My light in this world of darkness. And through each of My children others can come to know of My love and what it is to have hope in Me. Do not worry about your weaknesses nor be dismayed at your failings; I AM both Your Lord and your Redeemer, and have gathered you to My Father to be nourished and strengthened. Let the weak say I am strong in the Lord who is the Greater One within me. Of whom shall I be afraid? I am fearfully and wonderfully made in the image and likeness of my Father and my Lord.”

I pondered the Lord’s words and then these words came to my spirit…

Clothed in a robe of righteousness I shall walk bravely though all about are shadows of death. The Lord is with me. Yea, within me is my Lord. My
Lord leads me in the way of righteousness and His Grace and Peace accompany me. Of whom shall I be afraid? Though the seas roar and spill their fury over the land, yet my Lord shall preserve me. Though the skies bombard the earth with fireballs, yet my Lord shall preserve me and mine. Of whom shall we be afraid? Though thick darkness envelope the earth with not a glimmer of light, yet the Lord will be my light and the light for my household. Of what shall we be afraid? Though the wicked cry out all about in fear and terror, yet we in the Lord shall be preserved; we and our households. We shall not fear. The Lord has promised and He will not let us be snatched from His hand. Stay therefore Beloveds of the Lord. Stay within His grasp and receive His loving gaze that holds us close to Him. Stay Beloveds of the Lord and fix your eyes upon Jesus. He who is the author and finisher of our faith. Because the Lord who is Lord of all is our safe place. His love will sustain us and His hope gives us hope now and for all time.

Shalom and God bless.’

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