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You Are Loved

November 6, 2022 1:58 PM
Melissa Sanderson

Dear Beloved,

I write this as an open letter to any who will read. I have been given visions and dreams, most of which I have never written before. I wrote one many years ago when I was a child, the document is lost but the words are not. To begin with the words I have to share, I must enforce the Lord’s Prayer to ensure that all within is tested for I do not know the time of His arrival but am only a servant that comes in His name. Even if many do come in his name, false and more. I was born into a wonderful family, and along the way we have experienced trials and tribulations up until this moment. I must share, because time is at hand. The time is soon, imminent. Yet, there is time because Love is patient and kind. I’ am a servant but I have not read the contents of the Bible in its entirety, I’ am not compelled to lie to you. When I say this, I’ am reminded of those who have not seen, yet believe. Or to carry the lambs that have once turned away from the Lord because He loves us so and is righteous. To honour the Commandments, and the word is very much alive.

As many journeys begin, the path is laid down without influence. There is a chance to turn to Him. The more I began to understand the words “The way is long and narrow” and “My yoke is easy and my burden is light” it compels one to understand why. He tells us not to suffer the little children, so I asked and I received. I tested the Spirit and it tested me, and my words are just. I believe in the Lord, that He is our Saviour and He loves every one, it is literal…that he is absolute in his Love, everlasting and patient. The Blood of Christ, covers and protects every single one of you. In His eyes, I’ am compelled to direct you to John Chapter 3, Verse 11 to 21. To embolden you, I compel you to read The Second Epistle of John, Salutation. To be curious, I can direct you to the book of John, Chapter 21 Verse 15 to 25.

This is my love letter to my family, that is you, and every one you love because God has given me the Spirit and Strength to go forward when I cannot. I received multiple visions over a period of 66 days. As nothing is new under the sun, neither is the daily onslaught we are subjected to. This onslaught includes attacks to our character, sometimes the words of evil cut so deeply that some of my family cannot recover. I was one of those who felt lame, unable to see, hear, nor tongue to speak. The sins of the devil, bears down on us with an unending force, blaming, screaming that there is no way to escape and that hell was made for us…so our family was lied to, brow-beaten unto death, and convinced we are unlovable. So much so that it directly hurts God yet He refuses to give in because He knows you. By the sweat of your brow, the devil convinced us the world belonged to him when it was God’s all along.

I came here to tell you the words you need to hear in these perilous times. You are loved. I love you. To look inside, not to harm or maim but to give yourself the fighting chance you deserve and love yourself. To question, and test the Spirit in all ways because we are no longer children of Sin…we were freed from perdition and above all…spoken for. He did not send His Son to discourage you. He was always there, hidden in plain sight because we are continually stumbling and told to pray always. Ask thyself, to envision Jesus in the flesh and He asks you, honestly, do you believe everyone can be saved. Even you? Ask again, if you knew He would be here, right now, could you forgive what was done to you or your loved ones? He was born into the world as a man. With flesh and bones, that he could bleed and feel pain. That He too walked in the heat, suffered the cold and the consequences of famine, war and death.

When a loved one dies, we feel it. Yet He feels it as well and more, the true pallbearer. Witnessing His children be laid to rest for He knows the day of their death and will always understand grief. He was the first to breathe life into you, to give you a name and the first to tell you He loves you. Like any Father He would ensure He would be the last to say the same words because they are the Truth which dwells in the Holy Spirit. Your family, and those you have lost observe us with great interest, and without a doubt they are cheering, for you. The Truth, it is bright and cuts deep. It set us free. The world was destroyed once, the garden of Eden and the tree of life within were taken to preserve their character in The Holy Spirit. God has witnessed every turning of the tide, for His promise is righteous and His Love is Everlasting.

He sees you when you are lonely, He has watched you grow and use your free will to impress onto the world…in any way you saw fit. When you were a baby, you were in a lot of pain and required guidance from your family because it is painful to grow. To clutch onto a language and learn to use your limbs, and during those times He has watched you fall and get hurt, every time. Every breath and step you took, going forward or back He has witnessed. He has witnessed every triumph, every heartbreak, and every time you have laughed because He loves your laugh. He sees your tears, and does not waste what you have to offer for the gift inside of you is precious and He is patient. You are worth dying for, because all these facets of life created the amalgamation of the miracle that is You.

“It has always been you, my love. I fight for you and I fight for your love.”

Will you pray for me?

Will you pray for the world?

Will you pray for You?

I would like to add a personal note that the Lord has told me. He told me to call on Him, to lean on Him because I’ am weak and He is strong. There is no guile when I speak to Him, because He knows me more than I know myself. I trust Him and He asked me those questions, and He spoke them softly and gently. I’ am not afraid of death or sin, I’ am afraid that the Creator of The Universe would find no one waiting for Him. God’s kisses and hugs are found all over the world. In song, art, nature, arithmetic, literature, linguistics and most importantly, you. I want to share with you, my siblings, to never give up praying. You can turn a mustard seed into a mountain, everything came from God. His Disciples were strong because of Him, and with their freewill chose to love Him back. When I envision Jesus, as a child I would have fallen to my knees and covered my face in shame. When I envision Him now, I do not hesitate to run to him and hug him. To shower my adoration and affection on Him. He is my Hero, my biggest encourager and my best friend.

So pray, to dismantle the devil’s works, because this world belongs to God. I also had a vision of Sampson, he was strong. I saw his back, and his arms pushed the sides of the path wide because Jesus intends for Every Single One of You to come with Him. Even in His words He gives credence to his Disciples gifts and as family, we should be elevating each other daily. Love thy Neighbour. So pray, and know that He sees every effort, to endure. That He loves you, that I love you because I believe. He told me, everyone deserves to be loved. To have rest, and to feel peace. That the time of accountability is alive, I’ am cheering for you. Take the hammer in His name and He will help you carry it, and level the towers of evil. For Him, and no one else because through him you receive the true desires of your heart. You have to make a decision, without influence, because many great works are yet to be accomplished. So prepare, pray always.

Isaiah Chapter 65, Verse 17 to 25.

November 5, 2022 7:17 p.m. – Began Letter.

November 5, 2022 9:10 p.m. – Finished Letter.

November 6, 2022 11:34 p.m. – Editing, spelling and grammar.

November 6, 2022 1:53 p.m. – Submission.

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