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You are Eating from the Scraps that Fall from the Enemy’s Table

January 15, 2021 3:51 PM
Jeff Byerly


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Received 1-16-21

My people, I see many of you in confusion right now and this is not My will for you. I am not the author of confusion. This is happening because you are eating from the scraps that fall from the enemy’s table. You are not dogs  and these scraps are full of poison! Many of you even beg at the enemy’s table. He uses your vain imaginations and screams lies so all can hear him especially through the media that the world sees on all of their screens constantly. The little tidbits of truth he gives you are polluting your spirit. The enemy gives you truth mixed with lies. I only give you the truth, for I AM the truth and I cannot lie. The more that you eat from the enemy’s table, the less you will eat from My table and you will grow weak and sick. Would you eat  physical food that knowingly had dung mixed in it ? I know what your answer is. So why then do you eat what the enemy gives you? Do you not trust Me? I will tell you what you need to know if you ask Me with the correct motive.

Many of you cannot tell the difference between My table and the table of the enemy. You lack discernment because you have not hidden My word in your heart and you have not asked My Spirit to guide you. You have become blind and deaf because of what you have allowed the enemy to feed you. Even the water that he gives you is polluted. It does not quench your thirst and makes your stomach bitter. Come drink from the well that never runs dry and you will thirst no more! Out of your bellies will spring rivers of living water and you will be healed from all of the afflictions of the enemy. I give you salve for your eyes so that you can see and unstop your ears so that you can hear.

Have I not told you that I prepare a table before you in the presence of your enemies? I have a feast for you! I have everything that you need! Man does not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from My mouth. Can you not discern this? Have I not said in My word, If any man lacks wisdom let him ask of God who gives to all liberally and without reproach? The reason that many of you do not receive wisdom from Me is because you doubt in your heart and you are like a ship tossed upon the waves to and fro. You are double-minded and unstable in all of your ways. To this I say repent! Turn back to Me and seek Me with all of your heart and eat from My table only.

Now this is what I tell you, many things in your world are not happening as you have thought they would. What I have spoken will come to pass with absolute surety. What I have not spoken will fall to the ground and fade into the dust. My will shall be done on the Earth and I allow all to happen for My purposes. My ways are higher than your ways and My thoughts are higher than your thoughts even as heaven is higher than the Earth. I see the entire picture of everything that goes on under the sun and Solomon was under My anointing when he wrote, there is nothing new under the sun. Look to the past to see what the future holds, this is wisdom. What has been done is what will be done and I have laid out many patterns in My word. Do you not recognize this? Have you not studied My word? Have you not asked My Spirit to guide you as you read My word? There are many doctrines that twist My word, doctrines of demons and men. Many hold on to these doctrines with all of their strength but they are lies from the pits of hell. These are the scraps that fall from the enemies table. They strain at a gnat and swallow a camel. They say, we shall not suffer tribulation but I say, in this world you shall have tribulation but be of good cheer because I have overcome the world. They say that you shall not suffer persecution but I say all who live a Godly life in Me shall suffer persecution because you are not of this world and the world hates you because they first hated Me. If the world does not hate you, you are not of Me.

The time of the end has come and there is no delay. The Beast is rising and will continue to rise and he will have his short time. Do not look to any man  for your hope but look only to Me. Many have not done this and have fallen away and given up hope. Those who have been raised up as idols shall be torn down by Me. Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall. I use the Beast who will bring down many kings of this world and he will exalt himself above all and claim to be God but I shall destroy him by My glory and for My glory. Do not fight for the kingdoms of this world for My kingdom is not of this world. I have called you to come out of Babylon My people. He who lives by the sword shall die by the sword. The sword that I give you is My word. Fight your true spiritual enemy with My word and do not war in the flesh. War shall overtake the entire Earth and there shall be great calamity, great destruction, great famine and pestilence like never before seen but I shall protect My own. Trust in Me to provide and I will.

Satan is even now offering you from his table solutions through vaccines but these are an evil trap that is like a vortex that sucks you in so that you can’t break free. Once you take one you are more likely to take another and then ultimately the mark of the beast. I can deliver those who ignorantly took the vaccine but they must repent with everything that is within them. When no one can buy or sell without the mark that is in and on the right hand or forehead of men, then the mark of the beast will be complete. What you have now leads to this. Pray to Me and seek the truth for understanding on this and I will give it to you. What is impossible for man is possible for Me! During times of great darkness comes the brightest of light and My glory shall not be overtaken by the darkness. Let not the enemy find any darkness in you or he will have a foothold and then gain a stronghold. Rid yourselves of the weights of sin that bog you down and throw you off My path. Fear not, for the enemy  uses fear just as I use faith. Seek Me now, like never before because I set the captives free. He who the Son sets free is free indeed!

You will not have freedom in this world like you have had in the past. Fret not, because My plan is greater than the enemy’s. I am raising up My hidden ones even now and they are protected under the shadow of My wings and by My glory that surrounds you and is in each of My children. In a little while I shall strengthen you and send you out to begin the great end time harvest. This harvest will be greater than anything that has ever been seen on the Earth and the harvester will even overtake the sower and the plow. I use the plans of the enemy to call those who have fallen away from Me back to Me. They shall fear Me and repent because they will see My judgment and power. The enemy has many plans of destruction and they will go forth. But I say, do not marvel or fear the destruction of the enemy but marvel and believe what I will do through My hidden ones, My holy children. It will be unlike anything anyone has ever seen on the Earth and if I told you everything that will happen you could not possibly conceive, imagine or comprehend it all.

Rejoice for the time is soon at hand! He who endures to the end shall be saved and I will strengthen you to endure. Soon My bride and I shall eat at Our wedding feast that has been prepared. We shall then be together and rejoice forever more!

The Victorious King of kings and Lord of lords,

Yeshua Ha Mashiach

Jesus the Christ

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