You Are All In A Cocoon, Wrapped Up And Bound By The Spirit Jezebel: A Message To The People Of All Western Nations – The Pen


You Are All In A Cocoon, Wrapped Up And Bound By The Spirit Jezebel:

A Message To The People Of All Western Nations

January 10, 2021 9:46 AM
The Pen

Had a very upsetting dream last night just before I woke up in the morning. Was in a bus going to an appt., in a city I once lived in. Sitting at the back of the bus I was surrounded by women possessed by the Jezebel spirit. It was a real challenge, as they were determined to get me. I fended off attacks from one side, another would start to mock and verbally attack me. It was close to my destination, so got up to exit the bus. Honestly it was very daunting and it was all I could do to hold my own. We are close to our eternal destination but still on the bus (the present world). Jesus is coming soon, continue the fight!

I have personally been in a fight (now legal) with people who are possessed by this spirit of evil since 2013, and they destroyed my business, and are now trying to criminalize me, the message came when I got up, am not too obedient as I would prefer not to forward it but disobedience is more than I want to acknowledge. Suggest all who read this examine themselves and ask the Holy Spirit for confirmation!

The Jezebel Spirit is one of the greatest idols of your time! Many of you men and women reading this think “This has nothing to do with me!” The spun web over time, has so encased you; you think it doesn’t even exist! Feminism hatched (a serpents egg) by the evil one three generations ago, has birthed this spirit to ascendancy! It strangles and chokes your households, families, marriages and even single people.

The men are not exempt, they have abrogated their God given Biblical position and job to be the spiritual leaders of the family and household. The women literally wear the pants in almost all homes, in your nations. If this is the case in your life; do not think that the Almighty Living God, will protect you in the advancing storm? This spirit is one of the leaders of the Great Deception and constitutes idolatry. You will be left to your own devices. Since you prefer to live a lie, believe a lie and promote a lie. It will be your just desserts. If you think God will tolerate your “modern ways”, your repackaged witchcraft (“I Will Not Serve.”) that de-masculates men, manipulates, dominates and intimidates all those around them, you have fallen into a trap set to destroy all those involved and God will abandon you to your own human will, your progressive lifestyles!


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