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May 27, 2019
Christiena Boshoff

YOGA is an Abomination to Me and not acceptable nor pleasing. Do not be deceived. Those who practice it must repent and stop participating in wickedness. Those who continue will bear the consequences. The wages of sin is death. The soul that sins will die.

I Am Jealous for My children. Many are children of darkness and not children of Light. All the things that are an Abomination to Me, many do not only approve of these things but they themselves do them also. Those who do YOGA are in enmity with Me. satan the father of all lies has deceived and lured them away from Me, The One whom it is all about. Get to Know Me, The One who you Believe in and Worship for Real.

I Am to be Worshiped only and no false god nor any idols. Wake up sleepers and seek Truth because only Truth sets free not lies. Many will perish in their deception, their lack of knowledge. Rid yourselves from everything that is an Abomination and not pleasing nor acceptable to Me. Ask Me to search your heart to see what is in your heart that is not pleasing to Me. You are a Temple of My Holy Spirit and I do not live in filthy Temples. Be Holy for I Am Holy and without Holiness no one will see Me nor Inherit My Everlasting Kingdom.

I Warn out of Love and because I Care. It is not My Will that anyone perish but that all repent to have Eternal Life. Repent now because there will be no mercy without true remorseful repentance.

Christiena Boshoff at 4:52 AM

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  1. Catherine

    The Evangelicals and Pentecostals churches have three main problems. We have churches with Homosexuals, we have a big movement to go back to the Catholic Church and in almost all denominations the practice of “christian yoga”. They don’t say yoga, they use many other names: listening prayer, stillness, soaking prayer, contemplation, how to listen the voice of God, spirituality and so many others.
    There is a very good webside about the deception: lighthousetrails.com and they have some good books, like : “A time of departing ” or “un tiempo de apostasia” in spanish.
    After you read this book, you can go in every christian bookshop and see all the names of the deceivers and all the false bibles, like “the Message” with Eugene Peterson, a Catholic Monk, who likes also Buddhism, Sufism, etc.
    This deception is now in all the world. I was this month in Peru and Brasil. In the christian bookshops I found all the books of the deceivers and false bibles.

  2. Trinidadwarrior777

    I would love to share it, only problem is the yoga community would start a lynch mob. However the above is 100% accurate. I always wondered if burning incense and the introduction to yoga was similar to demonic invocation spells in paganism. I’m glad to hear I wasn’t innacurate in my gut instinct. I’ve never felt comfortable with the idea of Yoga. Now I know why. Thanks for posting this. It needs to be shared

  3. Thanks for sharing this Word of the Lord!!
    Sad to see many, who call themselves Christians,
    doing Yoga. Some just “Blow off” Correction.
    And they bring much Harm to their own Souls.
    God will Not be Mocked.
    Repent and get right with the Lord Jesus.
    By default many Follow the Anti-Christ,
    and will be facing the Lake of Fire. 🔥

  4. madelyn

    Stretching is good. But Yoga is based on the Hindu religion. Each “pose” represents a Hindu god. When you put your body into that pose you are submitting to and honoring that Hindu god….opening a doorway for that demonic attachment which you will need deliverance prayer to get rid of. Be VERY careful whom you form your alliances with. We’re in a time when God is calling believers to walk in greater purity. You can’t hold hands with the devil and walk with God.

  5. Lorena Yap

    What ever they said about enlighten your consciousness it is not Gods work. If you are Christian live with Christ trust only in Him.

  6. Sally

    Thank you so very much for posting this about Yoga. Yoga exercises are an opening for the demonic realm to enter a person. Some churches are conducting those demonic classes. It is incredible how ignorant some American pastors are. Know what’s coming in your doors, pastors, pay attention. Don’t embrace every new foreign phase that enters America from any foreign nation. I know of a woman who practices the spirit of Jezebel. She regularly attends an extremely large mega church in San Diego and the ignorant pastor hasn’t a clue. Shut those classes down immediately (unless of course you enjoy entertaining demons.)

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