Dream, Russia, War

Yellowstone volcanic eruption and war with Russia – Leah Wheatley

Yellowstone volcanic eruption and war with Russia

Jul 31, 2019, 7:39 PM
Leah Wheatley


Last night I asked Jesus for a piece of knowledge to share with His people and this is the dream I received. Most of the dream was taken from me, but this brief bit is what I remember:

I was looking up-close at fiery orange, oozing volcanic lava. I heard “Yellowstone” in my spirit. As in Yellowstone National Park. I also had the knowledge in the dream that the US was either at war with Russia or about to go to war with Russia.

End dream.

Until I did some research today, I honestly had no idea about the Yellowstone Caldera. Pretty shocking to wrap your head around the massive impact this eruption would have–even more so since earthquake activity is only increasing/will continue to increase from here. Please take this to the Lord to show you how and what to pray on this. May His will be done.

God bless!

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