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Rachel Adamus

Yellow Tape

Colossians 3:2: “Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth.”
The last several days, God has been forcing me to sit at His feet and be completely content with that–just worshiping, just taking in His glory. Along the way, He has thrown in a few parables through dreams or life circumstances, reminding me of how mandatory it is for His people to fix their eyes on Yehushua. Last night, I was in my bedroom getting ready to go to bed; it was dark, and I had forgotten to turn on the ceiling fan. I turned on the switch, and the bright overhead light came on as I was staring straight at it, trying to pull the fan chain. For the brief few seconds that the light was on and fan was off (until I reversed that), my eyes were so blasted with the light that even after I had laid down and closed my eyes, I could “see” the outline of the light fixture in my eyes. The Holy Spirit spoke to my spirit that there was a spiritual application to this. He has impressed upon me to write this morning regarding this image.
My daughter, I love you; I know your heart for me and your desire to speak for me, and how hard it has been for you to be still and just listen for a season, yet this is what I call of all my children. You must listen before you can speak. You must steep yourselves in my presence before you can emanate my glory. Oh my children, you are so eager to rush ahead before me and to assume that you are doing my work, when I have not approved of it! Oh my children, you must learn to be still when I am still. You must stop when I stop you. You must not work on presumption that just because you have always worked a certain way in a certain pattern that it will always be that way. You must tune your ear to me and my guidance of you. Even as the children of Israel had to learn to follow my lead when I was before them in a cloud and fire, so also you must follow me. When I stopped in the cloud, the children of Israel stopped and pitched their tents. I stop so that you can drink deeply of the still waters to which I am leading you (Psalm 23:2). I would have you learn of me and dive deeper into a knowledge and understanding of me that you cannot attain when you are moving. You will find that in those times, many obstacles are removed in your lives that would hinder you from the work to which I would call you.
A number of days ago, the Lord gave me a dream about a road paved by books, and rooms or shops along that road also filled with books. It was impressed upon me that these books represent everything written pertaining to the gospel and the truth we need for life and godliness. The first time I walked the road, I was just observing that the books were available for the taking; the next time I walked the road, I had the intention of going into the shops and using the books. However, at that time, the road and the shops were completely blocked up with a complex web of yellow tape that had been put up (by whom, I don’t know in the dream, though I can surmise that it was put up by the devil’s workers to prevent God’s people access to the truth and the gospel). The yellow tape looked much like what you see at a police barricade, such as at the scene of a crime or accident. We are all familiar with the yellow tape that reads, “Police line; do not cross.” The authorities of this world, set up by the “ruler of the kingdom of the air” (Ephesians 2:2), do not want us to cross from the carnal into the spiritual or from lies to truth. In my dream, I ran back down the road to a room in which I complained to someone who I knew had power and authority to do something about the yellow tape. Immediately after I left that room and began walking back down the road, the yellow tape was completely gone. There was no way humanly speaking that it could have been removed so quickly, and without a trace. I was amazed, and that ended the dream.
Notice, my children, that so many problems and obstacles that come into the way of the ministries to which I have called you suddenly vanish when you spend even a moment in my presence to speak to me of the problems. If a mere moment in my presence can have such an effect of power to overcome spiritual obstacles, what would a great deal more time do for you? Sometimes those obstacles do not vanish immediately, even after you have inquired of me, because I desire you to dwell with me. I will open your way when I am ready for you to move forward. You are too eager to rush ahead without me! You think you can cut through the yellow tape of affliction, and the perversion and evil and wicked forces in this world through your measly scissors of self-righteousness. Remember Mary and Martha? Mary was the one commended when Martha wanted her to scurry away from the Savior in order to perform good deeds. There is a place for good deeds, but when the Master is present, sit at His feet! In this is your great strength, my children. Mary had understood what was better. Any good that you can muster in your own strength is not of my Spirit and grieves me. Anything that leaves me out and does not appeal to me for guidance is grieving to me.
1 Chronicles 10:13-14: “So Saul died for his breach of faith. He broke faith with the LORD in that he did not keep the command of the LORD, and also consulted a medium, seeking guidance.He did not seek guidance from the LORD. Therefore the LORD put him to death and turned the kingdom over to David the son of Jesse.”
Will I not forgive you, my people, for my own Name’s sake and the sake of my Son who has shed His blood for you, if you will but turn to me and live? Turn then, and do not continue walking in your own way, your own righteousness, and your own counsel. Sit at my feet and do not turn from the way I have prescribed for you. That way you will know, when you have spent time with me in my Word and have sought my face in humility and fasting and prayer, and when you have turned from your evil ways and repented of your sins. Even a moment looking into the light of my face will drive away the darkness about your hearts and will impress upon you the image of my Son.
-Your Abba
When I thought I was finished with this message, it was impressed upon me how the numbers 22 and 32 were dominant in three of the four Scriptures God had impressed upon me to include in this word. I looked up these numbers in Strongs. The number 22 in Greek means, “Unmarried” and in Hebrew means, “Abiel: God is my Father.” This reiterated to me the authority that God is reminding us that we are under. We are unmarried and are betrothed to Yehushua. Therefore, we should have an eye for no one else but Him. We are also children of God and should therefore obey Him as our Father. The number 32 in Greek means, “An angel, messenger” and in Hebrew means, “Abihayil or Abichayil: my father is might.” We are messengers of our mighty Father, not of our own counsels. We must always remember this truth.
-Rachel, daughter of the King
Scriptures are in the ESV, unless otherwise noted


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