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January 21, 2020 10:59 PM

26 January 2020

I AM high and lifted up, I Am the Holy One,
But the church is seeking worldly things, not the Voice of My Only Son.

I love them so very much, My Son gave His Life for them.
But the Father and the Spirit mourn, because they have rejected Him.

But I AM calling together a remnant, a small chosen few,
To soften their harden hearts with love, something no one else can do.

I AM anointing you with My Spirit. Press toward the goal, the upward call of God, is the prize,
Be strong when you face persecution, for he that wins souls is wise!

Tell them about Yahushua, He is the Only Way!
Some will receive the Words of Life, but many will turn away.

Just as My Son did miracles, opened blind eyes, healed the sick, and made the cripple to walk.
You will open blind eyes, and make the deaf and dumb, to talk!

Many will be tired of the old, they will want to make a new start.
But the only way that this will work, is to invite Yahushua into their heart.

They will finally know the One, who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.
Their love for Him will be strong, like the love of a brand new husband, for his wife.

Many who are without hope will arise, and the Army of the Lord, will increase.
The Army of God will do great exploits, then greater things of God, will be released!

In the Name of Yahushua, and covered with the Blood of the Lamb,
His soldiers filled with His Spirit, fought beside the Great I AM!

Yelling out their victory cry, they fought with their two edged sword,
Greater is HE that is within me, than he that is within the world.

Then a sign of seven angels, I knew the end was coming fast.
The Father said, “I’ll take over now, it’s time to pour out My wrath!”

You have fought a good fight, and you have kept the Faith,
The earth is the Lords, but now it’s time, to lay it to waste.

For Thou only art Holy, and who shall not fear thee, O Lord, and glorify thy Name,
For all nations shall come and worship before Thee, for all have heard, of your fame.

The earth was filled with fire and heat, soon the wrath of God was finally complete.
Now all nations shall bow and worship before You, they shall kneel and worship, at your feet.

You are Righteous O Lord, we honor Thee
The One who Is, and who Was, and who is to Be,
For the victory is Yours for the whole world to see,
Let us be glad and rejoice, and give Him Glory!

In righteousness we shall be established, in the coming days, we shall not fear.
Seek the Lord while HE may be found, call upon Him while HE is near.



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