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Wrath! – 278pikelk

By 278pikelk

October 7, 2012 — Wrath!

Turn to Me, people, for you will have no help in trouble if you don’t. Seek Me now or regret. This is a turning point in time. If you are on the wrong side here, you can be assured the rest of your days on this planet will be full of fear and regret. Things are coming now that the human race has never had to deal with in the past. Things will be unrecognizable to you. People will be perplexed and shaking with fear. Don’t you know I have to warn you? You just aren’t heeding the warnings. What on this fallen Earth can be so enticing that it keeps you from seeking Me and receiving My warnings? Yes, sudden destruction is upon you now, but you have been warned. It has been sign after sign throughout your world for years now. For years of your time. Why are your eyes shut? Why can’t you see that these are signs, warnings, omens. People, wake up! Can you not recognize the signs? Your planet and its inhabitants are systematically being dismantled. Your forests are burning, your wildlife is dying, your oceans are erupting. All that you see and hear is destruction. Yet you think it is the same today as yesterday? No, it isn’t. The world’s children are suffering in detestable situations. Do not pretend you don’t know what is happening to them. What? Out of sight, out of mind? Men’s minds are so perverse now, yet people think what they don’t see, won’t hurt them. Woe to you who continue to ignore this abuse on your little ones. Pure and innocent in the hands of despicable, demon possessed degenerates. What? Out of sight, out of mind? It pleases many not to know what is going on around you. Out of sight, out of mind. These things are going on. I am the witness. I am seeing these detestable things, worse now than ever. Woe to you who offend the innocent children. Woe to you who do nothing to stop this. The wicked will be judged, but the ones who release their wickedness onto children, innocent children, will have a special set of judgments. Woe to you. You know who you are. So many horrible things going on in your nations, cities, towns and homes now. It is time. I cannot watch this wickedness anymore. Satan’s time is dwindling. My wrath will be poured out, and many will regret being born. Many abominations are taking place now. Many more than ever before. Blaspheming Me and My holy name. Enough! Enough! Enough!


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