Jesus, Vision

WORTH – Rebecca Roberts

May 18, 2019, 7:57 PM
Rebecca Roberts

I see Jesus, crushed before me.

“Do not be afraid,” He whispered to my heart.

His blood streamed down like the tears of my Father.

I touched the nail that was driven through His feet.

He reached for me and I gave Him my hand.

I gave Him my sin, my sickness, my worth.

And together we nailed them to the cross and then He died.

I died with Him that day.

Together, we plunged into a dark place filled with pain, and sorrow.

He never let go of me in this death, in this grave.

Why?” I wanted to know. “Why are You doing this?”

I pleaded with Him, “But, I have no worth!”

I wept as He reached for my filthy robe.

Together, we tossed it into the waterless pit.

I looked down at the darkness that once held me, that clothed me in shame, which said, “You are forgotten and rejected. You have no worth.”

Jesus then covered me with His robe of righteousness,

And together we soared out of the darkness and into His marvelous light.

Here, He cleansed me and made me whole.

A light shined all around me, and a voice like healing oil, filled me,

The voice shouted to the universe, “This is My beloved, My pearl of great price!! This is my child who has come home to Me!”

Tears rained down my face as I looked into the One who had redeemed me, “Jesus, Jesus,” I cried. “What is this thing that You have done? I do not understand. What is my worth?”

Jesus took my face into His hands. His eyes pierced my heart.

“Your worth is like My love.” He said. “It can not be measured, nor can it be explained with words. Love is, because I AM. This is your worth.”

Romans 6:1-14 and Col. 2:9-15.

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